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This is the Best Shade of Orange Hair for Your Skin Tone

‘Tis the season for orange, and we’re not mad about it! From pumpkins, to the changing leaves, to the beautiful fall sky, the warm, energetic hue is everywhere. So, it only makes sense it’s a popular trend for our tresses as well. But with so many variations of orange hair color, it can be challenging to determine the best shade of orange for your skin tone. That’s where we come to the rescue!

Keep reading for the best shade of orange for your skin tone when it comes to your hair!

Burnt Orange: Dark Skin Tones

This light orange hue with hints of brown complements dark skin tones impeccably. The dark skin color really brings out the brown in the shade, while the orange makes the face pop. This creates an effortless, stylish pairing.

Bright Orange: Olive Skin Tones

Bright orange looks amazing on olive skin tones because the hair color doesn’t wash out nor overpower the skin color. The combo creates a balance that’s nothing short of perfection.

Copper Orange: Dark Skin Tones

Even though this shade of orange is the darkest, when worn on dark skin, it surprisingly has a way of popping. While copper orange tends to wash out lighter-skinned tones, if you wear bold, coppery makeup, it can help ease the contrast a bit.

Tangerine Orange: Fair Skin Tones

Much like how dark orange shades like copper go best with dark skin, light orange shades like tangerine go best with fair skin. This bright yet light pop of color avoids washing out the skin.

Pastel Orange: Light Skin Tones

Like we said above, oddly, the lighter orange shades best complement the lighter skin tones. This soft, playful hue doesn’t overtake light skin tones nor wash them out.

For more orange hair variations and inspo, click HERE!

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