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The SheaMoisture Products to Gift Your Textured Hair Pals This Holiday Season

If you have friends with textured hair that want to add some luster to those locks this holiday season, give them the gift of SheaMoisture! The brand’s conditioners, shampoos and other moisturizers are effective, smell divine and tame even the most unruly of manes, all for a steal of a price.

We compiled a list of this killer brand’s best products to help you pick out a fool-proof present for every one of your curly-haired pals. Scroll through for all the on-point options below.

1. Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque: $11.99

Textured hair absolutely requires some kind of deep conditioning mask every week, that’s a given. This intense repair treatment is perfect for anyone with damaged locks that need a little extra attention. With ingredients like fig extract and Mafura oil, it completely smooths and fortifies for stronger, frizz-free coils that are way more manageable.

(via Target)

2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Leave-In Conditioner: $13.49

We’ve told you just how amazing Jamaican black castor oil is, but did you know SheaMoisture happens to make a note-worthy leave-in with it that’s just right for textured locks? The fact that it’s designed to sit on your mane all day long helps protect your hair against stress and environmental damage. Jamaican black castor oil is also known for its incredible ability to promote hair growth. If that’s not a multi-faceted gift-for-less, we don’t know what is. 

(via Ulta)

3. Makuna Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Shampoo: $11.99

We never thought there would be a day when finding a hair product with yogurt in it would be exciting, but that day has come, my friends. This shampoo (that also has a corresponding conditioner) features Makuna honey and yogurt extract which moisturize and boost shine in a big way. It’s also gently cleansing and sulfate-free, a major thing to look out for when buying gifts for peeps with textured hair.

(via Ulta)

4. Cannabis & Ginseng Lush Length Conditioner: $11.49

Yes, cannabis is good for your hair, we’ve been over this. SheaMoisture has now combined it with the power of ginseng to breathe life back into those dull-looking strands. Thinner textures will be extra grateful for this invigorating, nutrient-rich formula that softens and conditions to help thicken up hair.

(via Ulta)

5. Sugarcane Extract & Meadowfoam Seed Miracle Strobe Shine Spray: $14.99

It’s sometimes way too easy for highly textured hair to become dry, dull and damaged AF. This miracle spray adds serious sheen on a budget. It’s an excellent product that should be in any textured hair babe’s bag when out and about. With a blend of essential oils and sugar cane extract, it can take any style from day to night with total ease.

(via SheaMoisture)

6. Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter Curl Stretch Pudding: $13.99

If your BFF has trouble styling and maintaining their curl pattern, this pudding is definitely calling their name. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this blend helps keep curls intact without any crinkling or shrinkage. It’s made with curl types 3A-4C in mind so be sure to tell your pal “Santa” needs to know their curl pattern😉.

(via SheaMoisture)

7. Argan Oil & Shea Butter Waves Pomade: $7.99

We’re never going to stop singing Argan oil’s praises so here’s another product with it, perfect for textured hair. This is the styling cream necessary for a wavier look with lightweight hold. A solid go-to for looser curl types like 2C-3A.

(via SheaMoisture)

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