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Buy Now! The 10 Hottest Hair Products for Spring

For some reason, time just seems to move faster in spring, doesn’t it? Our calendars fill up almost instantaneously, which calls for a bit of a shopping spree when it comes to our beauty cabinets. Each year the industry gets better and better, and trust us—spring 2017 hair products do not disappoint. This season, there is a bonafide mix of both our favorite brands and smaller labels creating some of the most innovative goods we’ve seen in quite some time: be they curl puddings, brushes, sprays, or masques.

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Though we never recommend throwing out or switching up anything that’s working for you, these newfound spring 2017 hair products will make you want to think about incorporating some newness into your daily routine. Below, the coolest spring 2017 hair products to pickup ASAP.

1. Pantene Pro-V Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding Pantene Pro-V Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding This collection was 10 years in the making by the affordable haircare line Pantene, specifically made for textured hair. Crafted from argan oil and free from parabens, sulfates, and dyes, the pudding defines your curls with a light hold. You can just ask the 100+ women who tried the product during development until the mixture was absolutely perfect.

2. Davines Detoxifying Superactive Hair Treatment Davines Detoxifying Superactive Hair Treatment The wellness industry is abuzz with ways to detox your body, but what about doing the same for your hair? Davines’s latest treatment not only purifies your mane–it also energizes it. It’s created from natural active ingredients that are all ethically produced, and is comprised of Italian clay from Italy’s Acqui Terme region, as well as glucono delta-lacton, which kicks off scalp regeneration.

3. Kent’s Shampoo & Scalp Massage Brush kent-shampoo-scalp-massage-brush We’re constantly on the quest for the best brushes on the market. Though we’ve found more than a few that we’re obsessed with, we pretty much live by the motto that no hair-loving person can ever have too many brushes. This piece from Kent is perfect for detangling and post-wash brushing, while simultaneously working as a scalp massager.

4. Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream Our favorite way to apply beauty products is overnight. Phyto Secret De Nuit is pretty genius–it’s a cream that can repair your hair while you sleep! It regenerates and repairs your tresses and will literally leave you with your softest hair ever. Some people are even skipping the conditioner after using it…it’s that good. Shop it below!

5. Drybar Double Standard Cleansing & Conditioning Foam Drybar Double Standard Cleansing Conditioning Foam What isn’t there to love about Drybar? Other than the brand’s amazing blow dry services, it also has some stellar products. Their cleansing and conditioning foam is crafted from volcanic ash, raspberry seed oil, and honey. And there aren’t any parabens, sulfates, or phthlates in it, so it’s totally cruelty-free. Did we mention it washes your hair for you? We don’t go anywhere without this!

6. Kerastase x Withings Smart Brush


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Another day, another brush! Iconic haircare brand Kerastase has partnered with innovative smart product company Withings on the world’s first-ever smart brush. With it, you’ll be able to measure the effects of your different haircare routines, measure your tresses’ quality, and get personalized advice. Even though it’s not out just yet, keep tabs on this product because you won’t want to miss! It’s set to release mid-2017 for under $200 at select Kérastase hair salons and the brand’s website.

7. L’Oreal® Paris Extraordinary Clay Mask Pre Shampoo Treatment loreal-hair-expert-paris-extraordinary-clay-mask-pre-shampoo-treatment We’ve totally gotten on board with the “pre-poo” movement after our faves in the natural-haired community gave us a solid education on how to go about it. L’Oreal is putting their own spin on the treatment, with a clay mask that leaves your hair looking beautiful long before water touches it.

8. Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray kristin-ess-soft-shine-beach-wave-spray Kristin Ess is the queen of the beach wave (hello, Lauren Conrad)– thus we’re thrilled that she literally bottled up her expertise! Her wave spray won’t leave your strands weighed down and comes in at an affordable price, while giving you that luxe, celebrity look that she’s known for.

9. Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray


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Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga—that iconic trio is just a selection of the celebrities mane master Sam McKnight has worked with. His eponymous Hair by Sam McKnight haircare brand has had the industry abuzz since news of it was announced and he finally revealed a few products that are to come from the label. He debuted his Modern Hairspray during Milan Fashion Week and we knew instantly we had to include in our must-have spring 2017 hair products roundup. Four styles will be released next month at Liberty of London, but we may have to wait until year’s end for the rest. Mark your calendars because they will definitely sell out fast.

10. Carol’s Daughter Rhassoul Clay Softening Hair Mask Carol's Daughter Rhassoul Clay Hair Mask Few things make our hair happier with the changing seasons than a moisturizing masque. Carol’s Daughter literally has some of the best around and their new rhassoul clay creation does not disappoint. All that winter straightening and styling? Gone in a cinch with this deeply moisturizing and replenishing style. Also, no parabens, mineral oil, artificial color, or petrolatum included.

What did you think of our must have spring 2017 hair products? Shop ’em below!

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