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These Are the 5 Best Summer Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, it can be tough to find the best hairstyles for a summer wedding. You’ll need something elegant that doesn’t require 10+ hours to do, that stays in place, doesn’t frizz, and can hold up after hours on the dance floor. You also have to take into account your outfit, the weather, and if there’s a theme. Ugh. Before you go into full panic mode, breathe a sigh of relief. Below, find our top summer wedding guest hairstyles for curly hair.

1. Half-Up and Half-Down

This style is crisp, classic, and most importantly, keeps hair out of your face. Simply roll and pin back the top part of your hair with bobby pins, leaving a few pieces out for a bit of extra romance. Accessories are most definitely encouraged.

2. Romantic Low Ponytail

For those with shorter curls, this style looks way beyond bomb. Whether you choose to clip your hair back or tie it, shorter pieces can be left out in the front for a gorgeous waterfall effect. Warning—you may just upstage the bride with this stunner.

3. High Ponytail

If you’d rather keep your hair all the way up and off your face, go for a high ponytail. It’s super low effort yet still looks graceful with any wedding outfit. It also pairs best with simple makeup as the pony is almost a statement piece when worn in a wild and free curly style.

4. Au Naturel

There’s also nothing wrong with going completely au naturel. If you feel comfortable and have the right styling products to give your curls extra definition, there is no need to spend hours fixing your hair. Less stress and maintenance so your only concern is whether there’ll be an open bar!

5. Curly High Bun

High bun, but make it wedding. You can make this style work for any occasion really, but it works great particularly for a summer wedding because it keeps hair up and off the neck. We all know summer weddings can be hot so this style is your go-to for an outdoor shindig.

Need more summer styling inspo for curls? HERE’s our fool-proof guide for the season.

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