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Why You Should Experiment With Hair Color Right Now

Whether it’s because most of us are working from home or because ’tis the season, if you’re toying with idea of a bold new hue, now’s the best time to experiment with hair color.

We chatted with colorist Brian O’Connor, who just launched a biodegradable salon-ready tool kit for his cofounded Good Dye Young brand with Hayley Williams. Given the vibrant shades his line offers, you better believe he’s all about going big and not looking back!

Keep reading for what Brian says about why you shouldn’t hold back when it comes to your color—and what you should opt to try if you dare.

Mane Addicts: What are the most popular bold/out-of-the-box shades people have been experimenting with this fall?

Brian O’Connor: I think pinks in general have become a staple in hair color this year. Any version of pink has kind of almost become a new natural. It lives in that realm of getting highlights or balayage and changing up your look. I’ve also noticed that Rock Lobster, GDY’s red color, has become super popular in the past month. Red velvet is a trendy color this fall!

MA: What’s your advice to anyone toying with the idea of dyeing their hair a bold shade?

BOC: If you’re going to do it, commit to it. Stick with it for a while and don’t think that in a week or a month that you should change it. If you aren’t committed, you risk doing more damage and the integrity of your hair.

Mane Addicts: With people working from home and not going out as much, would you say now’s the perfect time to experiment?

BOC: It shouldn’t take a quarantine, being at home, and not being around people for dyeing your hair a bold color to be something that people start to look at as normal. Dyeing your hair doesn’t make you less intelligent or less accountable in your job or school environment, and this is a stigma that needs to go away. I hope quarantine helps bold-colored hair be the new norm.

Mane Addicts: What is it about this time of year in particular that makes it especially fun to experiment with your hair hue?

BOC: This is a way to bring a bit of brightness into your life during the fall and winter seasons that tend to be more gloomy. Colored hair can be a way to brighten up how you feel, especially with the darker days that Daylight Saving has thrown upon us.

Speaking of vibrant hair hues, HERE‘s what happened when I used Good Dye Young’s Poser Paint to color my hair purple for the day!

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