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These 8 Toners Will Keep Your Blonde Hair Looking Fresh

Contrary to popular belief, blonde hair isn’t all fun and games.

It takes a bit of work to maintain the color and shine of your tresses, whether it’s natural or not.

One way to amp up your sheen and get rid of brassiness is by using toners. They’ll even make your color last longer, which is what all blondes truly desire. Chances are, they were even the final step in achieving your current hue at your last salon appointment.

Though often used by professionals, there are plenty of at-home toners you can use to keep your strands looking fresh. Scroll below for the best toners for blonde hair!

8 Toners For Fresh Blonde Hair

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Toners aren’t the only way to keep your blonde hair, well, blonde. Check out THESE lightening sprays to use on your strands!

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