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The Ultimate Updo Inspiration For Every Occasion

If you thought updos were limited to weddings and proms, you are way wrong. An assortment of the seemingly hard-to-achieve coiffures (anything that requires lifting our arms past our ears is doing too much) can be constructed with nothing but a hair tie and a tail comb. We’re not saying they’re all as easy as throwing your tresses in pigtails but perhaps you’ve been overlooking their simplicity. In which case, we’re here to debunk your not-so-stoked thoughts about putting in work to wear updos, with a round-up of the most beautiful updo inspiration from Pinterest. Keep scrolling for ideas on how to get lifted (locks) now.

Messy and Marvelous

We happen to know the stylist behind this gorg, laid-back braided bun—Emma Chen hailing from down under. Start with bedhead and a deep side part then adorn your messy bun with a braid.

updos emma chen artistry updo hairstyles Pinterest

(via Pinterest)


Ponytail Undercover

In case you can’t tell, under those runway-ready rose hair accessories is a super simple low ponytail twisted into a bun—easy peasy!

updos from Pinterest updo inspiration

(via Pinterest)


Surely you own hair ties. Now drop by your local craft store (or dig up an old ribbon) and go to town on that whimsical topknot.

updos from Pinterest pretty updo hairstyles topknot runway hair

(via Pinterest)


Big Berrette

Futuristic and sleek, this inverted updo requires one big, statement-making barrette and a few pumps of your favorite frizz-fighting hair cream.

updos from Pinterest pretty updo hairstyles

(via Pinterest)

Backyard Braid Party

For those who are more skilled in the braiding department, don a backyard mohawk braid—the out-of-the-face mane makes way for a dramatic eye or bold lip.

updo inspiration from Pinterest Toni and guy updo hairstyles London fashion week

(via Pinterest)

Harajuku Space Buns and Bangs

Updos don’t have to be refined. To make throwing up your hair fun, create two buns on each side of your head, a little below your crown. No bangs? No problem. Check out our faux bang guide.

updos inspiration from Pinterest updo hairstyles space buns top knots

(via Pinterest)


Leave the ends out of your messy bun for an effortless spin on the half-up.

updos from Pinterest updo hairstyles messy updo

(via Pinterest)

Pink Galactic

It looks complicated (and no lie, you’ll probably need a helping hand), but when you feel like unleashing your inner galactic girl,  go with this lychee-colored sandwiched updo.

updos from Pinterest updo hairstyles pink hair

(via Pinterest)

French Twist

Leaning toward elegant? The croissant-shaped updo that is a French twist is for you. Click here for a five-minute French twist how-to.

updo inspiration from Pinterest updo hairstyles

(via Pinterest)

Mane of Paradise

Slick back your strands and smooth them over into a low ponytail, then twist up and merge the tail to the base with another elastic for a bird of paradise-esque style.

updos from Pinterest updo hairstyles

(via Pinterest)

All Braids Lead to Beautiful

A braid-full ‘do is never dull. For those who aren’t braid inclined, print out this pic for inspo when you visit your stylist.

updos from pinterest updo hairstyles

(via Pinterest)

Not-Slick and Twisted

The key to cool-girl mohawk buns is clean lines and unwavering wisps.

updo inspiration from Pinterest updo hairstyles mohawk buns

(via Pinterest)

Meet Me in Paris

To get a chic, Parisian upside-down braided updo, here’s what you have to do.

updos from Pinterest twisted topknot upside down French braid

(via Pinterest)

Modern Princess Leia

If Princess Leia were around, this is the update her mane would’ve gotten.

updos from Pinterest updo hairstyles braided hair

(via Pinterest)

Easy like Sunday AM

Literally, no effort required—and still occasion-worthy.

updos from Pinterest updo hairstyles

(via Pinterest)

Braid’s Nest

So cover-worthy, we can’t get enough.

braided updos pinterest updos hairstyles updo braids Pinterest mane addicts

(via Pinterest)

Garden Party

After you’ve adorned your low bun with a grand floral accessory, grab a scone because you’re ready for an Alice in Wonderland tea party.

updos from Pinterest Kendall Jenner updo hairstyles

(via Pinterest)

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