3 Major Uses for Shampoo That Have Nothing to Do With Your Hair

With so much time on our hands amid quarantine, we’ve gone through all of our cabinets and toiletries at least three times. Whether to toss or to give another go, there’s no product gone untouched during these long days and dreary nights.

That said, with scarcity of many once-common household items, we’ve found unique ways to experiment with what we’ve got—our uses of shampoo being among them.

Keep reading for three major ways to use shampoo that have nothing to do with your hair:

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Hand and Body Wash

If it’s safe enough for your scalp, it seems shampoo should be just as fitting for your hands and body. In fact, shampoo is far more nourishing and less harsh on your hands than traditional soap anyway. Mind you, when we refer to body, we’re leaving out the face. Do not apply shampoo to your face. And regardless of where you apply this versatile product, you still want to make sure it’s free of toxic ingredients, including synthetics, formaldehyde, sodium chloride, parabens and Sodium Lauryl Suflate (SLS).


Stain Remover

Whether it’s coffee we accidentally spilled on the carpet, or a piece of dinner that splattered on our top, shampoo has been our current go-to for removing stains. Usually, it comes off with a few dabs and some water, but for tougher materials, we apply the product and let it sit until our next round of laundry.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Given shampoo’s original purpose to cleanse hair (on the head) of dirt and oils, it only makes sense that it should be able to do the same for the hair on your brushes (synthetic or otherwise). It’s pretty remarkable how quickly the grime melts off with just one tiny application of shampoo and water.

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