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9 Vegan Hair Products to Freshen Up Your Routine

It can be a bummer to find out your fave products aren’t vegan or test on animals. Well, despair no longer—we’ve eliminated the guesswork with our list of the best vegan hair products for all your styling needs. From a shampoo that doubles as a cleanser, an ultra luxurious leave-in conditioner, a dry shampoo for when you can’t wash at all, to tools to create waves, shine and a wet look—even hair dye and the perfect brush, your ultimate guide to vegan hair products starts here.

Vegan Hair Products

(image via Instagram)

DermOrganic Daily Conditioning Shampoo

DermOrganic treats your scalp like you should treat the skin on your face—the shampoo is literally made with Essential Fatty Lipids (EFAs) and Amino Acids, typically used in facial cleansers. The shampoo doubles as a head-to-toe wash made from Argan oil (our go-to) and enriched with Omega-6 and Linoleic Acid, Vitamin E, Panthenol and Rice Amino Acids.

Vegan Hair Products

(image via Amazon)

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Leave-in Conditioner

Hair is brittle no longer after using Carol’s Daughter. Lavender, honeysuckle, aloe, sage, wheat germ and calendula as well as pro-vitamin B5 work to hydrate naturally, restoring hair well past your shower—it’s so gentle you don’t need to worry about washing it out at all!

Vegan Hair Products

(image via Carol’s Daughter)

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash

Just because you don’t have time to fully lather your hair doesn’t mean you should compromise on vegan products. This waterless, color-safe shampoo by Paul Mitchell will leave you totally refreshed.

Vegan Hair Products

(image via paulmitchell.com)

Giovanni 2chic Ultra Repair Hair Mask, Blackberry and Coconut Milk

Creamy coconut and rich blackberry bring new life to locks. The combo works to eliminate frizz and smooth tresses—all while lowering your carbon footprint.

Vegan Hair Products

(image via ulta)

Mullein & Sparrow Aromatic Hair Serum

Mullien & Sparrow’s hair serum has argan, meadowfoam seed and watermelon seed that keep strands nourished while taming flyaways. Add in more product to get the tousled, wet look. Sexy has never been so sustainable…

Vegan Hair Products

(image via Mullein & Sparrow)

VERB Sea Texture Cream

Create beachy waves and volume with this weightless texture cream by VERB, suitable for hair of any length, it’s a total hero product.

Vegan Hair Products

(Image via Sephora)

Lush Henna Hair Dye

You can choose from a range of colors in Lush’s henna line. All are an amazingly effective alternative to synthetic (often damaging) dyes. The key ingredients include fair trade cocoa butter, Irish moss powder, clove bud oil and of course red henna. We’re particularly excited about the Noir shade, which comes out as deep blue-black.

Vegan Hair Products

(image via lushusa.com)

Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Brilliant Shine Hair Spray

Using stem cell science and key ingredients, sunflower and citrus, hair is left shiny and frizz free. Andalou spray protects your strands via antioxidants for noticeably less split ends. Andalou products are non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, Nature Derived, Sustainably Sourced, and always Cruelty Free. Yipee!

Vegan Hair Products

(image via Thrive Market)

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

Nope, not all brushes are vegan or vegetarian. This Aveda brush has extended bristles that aid in damage-free detangling and is ever so gentle on the scalp. We’ll take one lifetime supply, please.

Vegan Hair Products

(Image via cosmetic junkie)

Can’t get enough vegan hair products? Try these oils and keep the veggie streak alive.

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