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The 9 Best VMA Looks of All Time

After Beyoncé announced her first pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, we can’t help but tune in every year—if not for the public Bey announcements then for the outlandishly glamorous (and sometimes gone-wrong) hairstyles sported by celebs. For a refresher of the singers who got their coiffure right over the years, we’re rounding up the best VMA hairstyles of all time (you better believe that includes Gwen Stefani’s aqua-blue textured space buns). Keep scrolling for our idea of award-winning hair, and tune in to the VMAs this Sunday to see all of the mane moments!

Mariah Carey, 1991

The R&B babe rocked decade-defining ringlets that give us major curly bangs envy ’til this day.

VMAs hair Mariah Carey curly hair

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Gwen Stefani, 1999

Gwen took space mermaid to whole other level with a wet textured look in an aqua-blue hue.

MTV video music awards Gwen Stefani hair blue hair

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TLC, 1999

The No Scrubs squad served moon man-worthy hair and lyrics that year.

VMAs hair TLC

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Eve, 2001

Eve brought her A-game when she owned blunt bangs and a lychee-colored bob.

vma awards hair eve pink short hair

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Taylor Swift, 2012

Swifty blew us away when she suited up in a girl-boss blazer and sleek bangs to match.

Taylor swift vmas 2012 bangs long blonde hair

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Rihanna, 2012

From pixie to snatched ponytail to slicked back, RiRi continues to raise the standards for her VMAs mane. Click here for a taste of what it’s like to be Rihanna’s hairstylist the night of the VMAs.

vmas Rihanna pixie hair short hairstyles bad gal riri

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Ciara, 2013

Ciara’s bronze glow and touch of hazelnut-bronde (combination of blonde and brunette) are a combination that never go out of style.

MTV video music awards Ciara long brown hair wavy hairstyle

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Karlie Kloss, 2015

Loose curls gave catwalk cutie Karlie Kloss a chill vibe.

VMAs hair Karlie kloss

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Beyonce, 2016

Braided up and slicked back, Beyonce’s twisted ponytail perfectly with her decadent ear bling. For the how-to straight from her hairstylist Kim Kimble, read this.

beyonce braided ponytail VMAs beyonce hair MTV video music awards

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Our favorite VMA hairstyles from last year, right this way.

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