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We’re Still Recovering from These 11 VMAs 2021 Hair Moments

The MTV Video Music Awards are never short on style.

From outrageous headwear to longer-than-life locks, the beauty looks at this iconic award ceremony are always extraordinary. And this year’s festivities did not disappoint, sandwiched in the midst of New York Fashion Week and the Met Gala no less. Olivia Rodrigo, Paris Hilton, Doja Cat and more of the best and brightest in the music industry rocked the VMAs red carpet on Sunday.

These are 11 VMAs 2021 hair moments practically knocked us off our feet. We’re still recovering, TBH.

1. Chloe Bailey

These platinum blonde locs on Chloe are an absolute yes from us. This is a red carpet look for the history books.

Via Getty

2. Brittany Furlan

Have you ever seen a better top knot? The volume, the bangs – everything is working.

Via Getty

3. Olivia Rodrigo

Finishing off a record year with a show stopping red carpet moment. We’re into this waist-length look from Olivia Rodrigo.

Via Getty


4. Normani

Normani’s presence was the most important part of the VMAs last night – and that’s a a fact. This twisted pony is to die for.

Via Getty

5. Charli XCX

Pop star Charli XCX always brings it when it comes to the red carpet. Her VMAs look was pure 60s volume. What’s not to like?

Via Getty

6. Megan Fox

The look to end all VMAs looks. Megan Fox absolutely nailed the wet hair trend like the goddess she is styled by Andrew Fitzsimmons. And honestly, don’t even get us started on her dress – she is quite literally too hot to handle.

Via Getty

7. Doja Cat

Crimped hair makes a comeback. Doja Cat’s ultra-long red-and-black waves are a 90s dream come true.

Via Getty

8. Paris Hilton

A ponytail that would give Ariana Grande’s a run for its money. Paris Hilton turned glam up a notch at Sunday’s ceremony.

Via Getty

9. Saweetie

Old Hollywood style and Saweetie make the perfect pair. These side-parted soft glam waves are just gorgeous.

Via Getty

10. Billie Eilish

We’re over the moon for Billie’s new bob. The perfect shade of platinum, paired with shaggy layers. Its just *chef’s kiss*

Via Getty

11. Lil Nas X

Curly mullets for the win. The music industry’s golden boy is on a fashion hot streak, but this VMAs look tops them all.

Via Getty

Fashion’s biggest event is back! THESE are the best looks from the 2021 met gala.

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