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The 7 Best Wash Out Hair Color Products

It’s August, or as I like to call it, the Sunday of summer. Because before you know it you’ll be buying your next live-in leather and sipping steamed—not iced—chai, let’s please try and take advantage of the next few weeks as much as possible, and let’s not forget our hair. What better way to celebrate the greatness of summer than with no strings attached hair color you can literally change with your mood—consequence free? Yes, please. To make sure you are living your best life from now until the autumnal equinox (though I try and push summer until Halloween), we rounded up the best-in wash out hair color products to take you from blue, to green, to pink, to red—from Monday to Sunday.

Wash Out Hair Color Products

(image via Instagram)


Bumble and bumble Shimmer Strobing Jelly for Hair, Body, and Face

Available in color-safe Prismatic Pink or Prismatic Gold, wear these colors separately or combine for celestial, swirly style that will give you an instant, head-turning glow all over.


(image via Sephora)


ColorSmash Color Kissed Hairspray

Create intense pops of color by layering your spray—the more you spray the more vibrant your shade will be. Like the Spraychalk, there are no commitments here—color is totally gone after the first wash.

 Wash Out Hair Color Products
(image via ColorSmash)


IGK Amaro Ombre Highlight Spray / IGK Sutro Ombre Color Spray

Available in Sutro (a violet) or Amaro, these shades are a perfect way to add ombre or a highlight with zero fuss. Unlike typical spray dyes in a rainbow color, Amaro’s golden quality brightens the highlights you already have or works to create them, for the ultimate sunkissed effect.

Wash Out Hair Color Products

Wash Out Hair Color Products

(image via IGK)

BlondMe Instant Blush Blonde Beautifier

This spray on color by Schwarzkopf Professional is specifically formulated for blondes. The colors last for up to three washes, so you can even take a dip and not worry about your shade pulling a disappearing act.

Wash Out Hair Color Products
(image via sleekhair)

Beyond the Zone Colour Mousse

The only mousse on our list, Beyond the Zone color is deposited in foam form, which allows for a different kind of coverage than with the sprays. Use gloves to avoid any mess, and blowdry hair once your masterpiece is complete to really set your new hue.

Wash Out Hair Color Products
(image via Amazon)

L’Oreal Technique Liquid Chalk Temporary Intense Hair Makeup

A water-based formula combined with Thixotropic Clay, Liquid Chalk thickens when applied to hair, lasting through water, brushing, combing and heat styling. It will come out with shampoo, however. No preligtening is required, as it works on the lightest to the darkest shades.

Wash Out Hair Color Products

(image via Sally Beauty)

Splat Hair Chalk

Remember hair chalk? It’s not necessarily all grown up, but you are. Color glides on easily with this compact, especially when you take advantage of the sponge applicator. Perfect for touch ups or hard to get spots, take it on the go and add a pop to any style—we are especially loving the look for standout braids.

Wash Out Hair Color Products

(image via ulta)


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