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A Definitive Round Up of the Best Wave Wands on the Market

So just how do you get perfect, piecey waves? This age old question has a simple solution: wave wands.

These beach babe favorites are about to be your new best friend. Essentially the older, more sophisticated, sister to the classic crimper, these hot styling tools are specially crafted to give you natural-looking, undone waves in just a couple of clamps.

Flat irons and curling irons never get waves quite right. Straightner-made waves can come out a bit too angular, while brushed-out barrel curls are far too glam for a Saturday out suntanning. The unique shape of a wave wand leaves each strand with a soft, well-defined wave that simply can’t be replicated any other way. So read on for our definitive round up of the best wave wands on the market and try out this stellar styling tool for yourself!

1. Amika High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper: $120

Crease-free beach waves are just moments away with Amika’s High Tide Deep Wave Wand. With three 0.7-inch barrels, this tourmaline ceramic styling tool seals the cuticle with negative ions as you work, for waves that last all day long.

amika High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper

(via Sephora)

2. Hot Tools Professional Nano Ceramic Deep Waver: $70

Complete with a nano ceramic barrel for snag-free styling, this triple barrel waver will protect your tresses from excessive heat while waving them to perfection. With a seven-year warranty, this wave wand is guaranteed good.

Hot Tools  Professional Nano Ceramic Deep Waver

(via Ulta)

3. Babe Waves Jumbo: $52

Nearly 100 five-star reviews later, this styling product is tried and true. Use the Babe Waves waver to create beach, textured tresses or smooth glamorous waves.

Babe Waves Jumbo Waver

(via Trademark Beauty)

4. Bondi Boost Wave Wand: $58

The Bondi Boost Wave Wand is ideal for tresses of any length. Yes, even short hair. Crafted from high-grade crystal powder tourmaline ceramic, this styling tool will give you the perfect, frizz-free boho aesthetic every single time.

Bondi Boost Wave Wand

(via Bondi Boost)

5. Titanium Pro Triple Barrel Waver: $62

Get salon-quality styling without the hassle. Titanium Pro’s wonderful waver provides constant even heat at temperatures from 180-450 degrees, for long-lasting glam.

ion Titanium Pro Triple Barrel Waver

(via Sally Beauty)

6. Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Deep Waver: $82

We’re big fans of Babyliss. From blow dryers to wave wands, this veteran brand puts quality above all else. This stunning styling tool has five digital heat settings and advanced ceramic heaters, for styling that’s as effortless as the end result.


(via Beauty Bay)

7. Bedhead A Wave We Go Deep Waver: $40

Top notch styling power that doesn’t break the bank. Bedhead’s take on the wave wand has an adjustable waver barrel for maximum control over wave size and style.

Bedhead A Wave We Go Deep Waver

(via Ulta)

Need help achieving beach waves on your short strands? HERE is exactly how to get waves for your length!

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