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9 Dreamy Hair Trends For Wedding Season

Bashful brides move aside! Bold wedding hair inspiration for is on the horizon this season. From flora and fauna headpieces to loose waves, hair will give guests a lot to talk about at the next ceremony.

Violet Teriti of Chaviv Hair has worked with celebrity brides and personalities like Kim Kardashian and Margot Robbie. The hair pro predicts long, thick fishtail braids with extensions for spring brides. She also foresees brides using extension technology to create soft waves and dramatic side parts with sexy curls.

Michael Canalé who has worked with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson thinks bridal hair is having a movement towards “cool girl” styles and father away from fixed and heavily sprayed looks. He expects brides to walk down the aisle in buns with minimal volume and messy updos. He anticipates face-framing pieces to adorn bridal looks, keeping things modern and chic.

From delicate flowers weaved into braids and waves, to more dramatic styles that reflect the bride’s personality, both hair gurus expect accessories to take center stage during the ceremony.

Here is a roundup of the wedding hair trends we can expect to see this season.

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