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The Best Winter Hair Colors for Blondes

When the seasons change, so should the shade of your strands. There’s no better feeling than updating your hair’s hue for the new season, especially during the winter months. This is your last chance to switch up your color before heading into the new year. And who doesn’t love kicking January off with some fresh highlights?

For all our bombshells out there, we’ve rounded up the best winter hair colors for blondes. These colors range from lighter locks to low-maintenance strands.

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Light Golden Blonde

Those with naturally light or dark blonde shades will look stunning in the light golden blonde hue. The color will gently transition your hair into platinum, though you don’t have to dive all the way in. Adding some pops of silver will really amp up the winter feel and even offer more dimension.

Icy Blonde

Icy blonde is the ultimate winter hair color for blondes, mainly due to its name. The hue has become increasingly popular over the years, so you should absolutely hop on this trend before everyone and their mother is rocking the color. It does require a bit more maintenance, though if you’re already familiar with caring for platinum blonde, you’ll be fine.

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is a sweet shade that mixes golden blonde and light brown to create a warm hue perfect for winter. You’ll feel so cozy in it, you won’t even need to wrap yourself up in a blanket. One of the best things about this winter hair color is that it’s relatively low-maintenance and transitions well throughout each season.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is another shade that has become increasingly trendy this year. The key to making this color work for you is to not do anything too drastic. Add some subtle notes of red with a gloss or toning shampoo to achieve the fruity hue.

Warm Blonde

Warm blonde allows any blonde, no matter where they are in the lightening process, the chance to amp up their color. The hue looks totally different on everyone and can be created through a number of techniques, ensuring you get a color that is uniquely you.


Unleash your inner ice queen by dyeing your strands any shade of silver. Though this color is quite the commitment, it will have you turning heads all winter long.


Lilac is a bit unexpected for winter, which makes it the perfect winter hair color for blondes. Plus, it will fade into a gorgeous silver hue once the color washes out. Dyeing your tresses this color offers the chance to try two looks in one.

Money Piece Highlights

You’ve likely seen the money piece highlights all over your Instagram feed. Consider this a sign to try out the trend yourself. Lightening two of your face-framing strands will allow you to get comfortable with a lighter color. Before you dye your whole head, you can test the waters with these highlights.

Cool Beige

Cool beige is as equal parts cool as it is warm. The hue is a perfect medium for those who want to brighten their blonde and aren’t ready to take the platinum plunge.

Undone Blonde

Quarantine has clearly made a case for more low-maintenance colors. Seeing as our ability to regularly visit the salon has been hindered, undone blonde solves that dilemma. How you wear the trend will depend on you, though it’ll likely be a shade that isn’t as bright and leaves the roots virtually untouched. You’ll want a color you can easily grow out without needing to head to the salon every few weeks.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne isn’t just for sipping, as it serves up plenty of winter color inspiration for blondes that want to have a little extra fun. The color is a lighter blonde with a tinge of pink sprinkled throughout.

Toasted Coconut

Toasted coconut is almost more bronde than it is blonde, though it’s a great low-maintenance color for anyone. Darker roots blend into icy blonde strands, allowing the silvery hues to pop even more.

After you dye your strands, it’s important to care for your hair. This is especially true during the winter season. HERE are the best products to fight winter damage, according to a stylist.

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