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26 Drool-Worthy Zoë Kravitz Hair Moments

Zoë Kravitz is a bonafide-style icon. Whether her hair is platinum, in a pixie, or she’s rocking a beanie, every Zoë look is an almost impossible mix of trendy, classic, edgy, and effortless. We put together her 26 best looks just because, including our all-time fave. Scroll through the best Zoë Kravtiz hair moments below!


The equivalent of a sweetheart cut, Zoë still brings the sass to this curled ends mid-length look.

Zoë Kravitz mid-length hair

(via Getty)

Unstructured Fringe

With a piece-y fringe and lightened up ends, Zoë edges into rockstar territory.

Zoë Kravitz fringe hair

(via Getty)

No-Brainer Beanie

Long hair and a beanie when it’s warm out is a no-brainer for looking badass and hiding a not great hair day.

(via Getty)

Long Hair Don’t Care

This poolside look is chic and definitively structured thanks to a razor sharp middle part.

(via Getty)

Textured Updo

Giving us an updo with movement, braids keep a predicable style refreshing.

(via Getty)

Braided Lady

Box braids are happily a Zoë Kravitz signature.

(via Getty)

High Pony

The higher the pony, the closer to the hair gods. Zoë breaks high pony tradition, sweeping hers to the front side instead of locking it in the back.

(via Getty)

Blonde Bangs

Zoë tries out a buttery shade of blonde and opts for a layered cut.

(via Getty)

Softness Halo

Hair looks soft and undone yet still perfectly polished.

(via Getty)

Baby Hair Queen

Coiled baby hairs are exaggerated, adding a feminine flair to an edgy undercut.

(via Getty)

Undercut Chignon

Zoë’s braided wrapped bun is sleek AF and shows off her neck tattoo.

(via Getty)

Half-up Half-down

This half-up half-down look has a totally ethereal feel.

(via Getty)

Blonde Low Bun

Platinum Zoë kills it with this chic low bun.

(via Getty)

Slicked Down

This standout look would work for any occasion—it’s a mix of sleek, textural, and hip.

(via Getty)

Boho Beauty

Zoë’s natural texture meets strategically placed mini boho braids.

(via Getty)

Hollywood Glam

Giving Marilyn a run for her money, braids unfold into lush waves.

(via Getty)

Platinum Pixie

This fresh cut is pixie inspo forever.

(via Getty)

Micro Bangs

Zoë’s micro bang pixie chop is cute AF without being too cutesy.

(via Getty)

To the Side

A side-swept pixie is evening at its best.

(via Getty)

Grown Out Glam

Zoë’s in-between locks are molded into an (almost) faux hawk.

(via Getty)


Another Zoë signature? A sultry look with mega depth.

(via Getty)

Woke Up Like This

Proof Zoë looks good at all times…

(via Getty)


Match your hair accessories to your outfit like this Zoë flex.

(via Getty)

Twisted Crown

This style is the crown on a 10/10 understated look.

(via Getty)


In her element, Zoë’s below the shoulder braids taper off in a touchable way.

(via Getty)

Cornrow Camp

We saved the best for last! Zoë’s cornrow look from the Met Gala Camp themed show was absolutely flawless.

(via Getty)

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