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This Heat Styling Lotion Delivers 96 Hours of Frizz Control

You read that headline right – there’s a product that delivers 96 hours of frizz control (translation: four whole days) and it delivers. Meet: Better Natured Heat Styling Lotion ($22.) If you’re someone that suffers from frizz, you are definitely not alone. Some people are born naturally frizzy and tend to be those with curls, while others become frizzy from external stressors, like weather and over styling, which cause dryness and ultimately leads to unwanted frizz. Whatever the root cause of your frizz, Better Natured’s Heat Styling Lotion is sure to become your new BFF.

Better Natured Heat Styling Lotion: $22

Made from 93% natural ingredients, this styling lotion contains Better Natured’s signature triple plant milk blend of coconut, Tahitian palm and white orchid and has a fresh fruity-floral fragrance gives your leave-in session an exotic vibe. Being a “clean” brand these days is the expectation, but Better Natured makes sure to take things a few steps farther to ensure all ingredients are safe for you plus planet. “Our ingredient transparency to our customer is a top priority to our brand,” they tell us. “We even go so far as to color code all natural ingredients in green on every package.”

via Better Natured

How to Use Better Natured’s Heat Styling Lotion

To maximize benefits, smooth on Better Natured’s Heat Styling Lotion to your hair ahead of blow drying for 96 hours of frizz control and to prep strands for a gorgeous, soft finish. You can also smooth a tiny amount onto dry hair with fingertips to keep flyaways at bay. Once styled, you’ll notice hair is re-shapeable and allows hair to set with ease. For day two and three after your blowout, just apply a little bit of Heat Styling Lotion to dry hair and enjoy your day frizz-free.

In addition to amazing, plant-based products, Better Natured is the go to for salon quality color at home. They have a permanent liquid crème color that gives salon results with 100% gray coverage, no salon visit required and lasts up to eight weeks. The liquid-creme hair color shades range between 87% – 92% naturally derived depending on the shade, and you can take their hair color quiz to find the shade that is right for you all in the comfort of your own home.

So whether you’re trying to combat frizz or grays, Better Natured has you covered!

Shop the entire range of Better Natured salon quality color and hair products here.

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