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7 Ways Beyonce Took Braids to EPIC Levels in Lemonade

Becky who?! Better call Beyonce with the good hair!

Queen Bey slayed every soul across the country (and beyond) last Saturday when she premiered her now-Emmy worthy visual album/short-film Lemonade. It was phenomenal to say the least. The entire project surpassed catchy hooks and funky beats; Beyonce opened her heart to the world and spilled some serious tea (lemon flavored of course). While the internet is flooded with think pieces about the meaning behind brow-raising lyrics and the elusive identity of “Becky,” we spent a few days trying to unpack Lemonade’s many levels of hair slayage. Styled by one of our favorite hair gurus, Kim Kimble, Beyonce served us texture galore!  Super long waves, thick brushed out kinks, and fluffy spirally curls made us fall crazy in love with Queen Bey all over again. But what really won us over were her incredibly EPIC braided hairdos. Check out our breakdown below.


Beyonce Cornrows

Excuse me Bey, your 1999 self is on the line and she’s LIVING for your hairdo! Beyonce takes us back to old school hip-hop with this classic tight cornrow in her badass “Don’t Hurt Yourself” music video. “Cornrows can be tough; baby hair softens it up a lot,” Kimble said in an interview with Elle. “I like finished edges. Cornrows, braids and we love baby hair.”


beyonce box braids lemonade

“Sorry” features the most epic braided hairdos, making it our favorite song from the album (jk…we love them all.) The queen keeps it simple and traditional with long box braids. (How awesome was Serena’s cameo?!)


Beyonce Lemonade Half Cornrows Half Box Braid

When you look flawless in either, why not do both? Look #2 in “Sorry” is a side-parted cornrow ‘do with box braids in the back. Side note: can we just talk about Beyonce’s dedication for a moment? Braids take a long time to install and this woman is donning several braided hairstyles for this one project! #DedicatedAF


Beyonce Lemonade Braids

Look #3 in “Sorry” reminds us a bit of Beyonce’s braided pigtails in “Formation.” This style features long wavy bangs and loose tresses that end in braids cascading over her shoulders.


Beyonce Lemonade Braid Nefertiti Crown

Like much of Lemonade’s content, the final look in “Sorry” is homage to traditional African culture. “That was our Nefertiti crown, all done with braids,” Kimble explained. “I would say it took at least three to four hours.”


Beyonce Bridal Crown

For “6 Inch,” Beyonce dons a romantic updo, a soft braided crown. There’s a lot of marital references throughout the album. This hairstyle definitely screams bridal.


Beyonce Chunky Braids

Beyonce is coming to snatch all of the awards — including a CMA! Beyonce goes country in “Daddy Lessons.” In the video, the singer rocks long chunky braids as she rides a horse (because Texas).

Like I said, braids take a long time; furthermore they can do some serious damage to your edges if you’re not careful. So how did Queen Bey manage to do all of these epic braids and still maintain healthy hair? Answer: having a  glass of lemonade a day. No, I’m totally kidding. Kimble explains, “My team is very careful. If we have three or four looks, we find easy ways to transition between styles. We didn’t use a lot of heat. We did a lot of braids and when we braid, we make sure we don’t pull too tight. When you’re very cautious to begin with, there’s no damage done.” See Kimble’s full interview here.

What’s your favorite Lemonade hairdo? Let us know in the comments!

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