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Big Messy Bun Tutorial

From the Mary Katrantzou and Lanvin catwalk to Gwen Stefani on the red carpet, the big teased and wrapped bun is a statement look not to be missed.  Easy to do yet alarmingly eye catching, this look pairs great with a party dress, red lips, or a dramatic eye.  Add a hair accessory or headband to glam it up your vibe!


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  1. Use a level comb on the crown of your head to find the highest point.
  2. Next, smooth and gather hair (with a Mason Pearson) on the crown of the head 1″ higher than the highest point.
  3. Securely wrap two jumbo hair elastics around ponytail.
  4. Lift pony straight up from the head and spray with Oribe Dry Texture Spray.
  5. Use a teasing brush or rattail comb to backcomb the ponytail until you have one huge teased mess.
  6. Use the smoothing brush to very gently collect the surface hairs and begin wrapping the pony around itself into an oversized bun.
  7. Secure the bun and continue to use french pins to control any random hairs.
  8. Mist with Kenra Hairspray to finish.

Looking for something more low key? TRY the low knotted pony.


2 minutes

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