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The Big Bun Theory: A How-To For Fine Hair In Need Of A Little Extra

While not all of us are blessed with ultra thick tresses, there’s no harm in pretending.  That’s why we love creating the illusion of body with a little help from our friends (hair extensions).  Temporary pieces provide a great way to add instant volume and glam. While some brands sell pieces that can literally sit on top of your pony, creating an instant up do, we are going to provide you with a more hands on approach; allowing you to flex your creativity to match your clothing and style.

The key to pulling off a temporary extension piece is finding the right color.  An off hue is an instant giveaway, so be weary of finding pieces that are good quality and that you can see in person.  If you need help with this, consult a professional.

Similar to our pony tail extensions how to, and our big bun how to, this look is a combination of the two. Simply attach your hair pieces as if you were wearing a pony.  Spray hairspray on your comb, then lift your pony tail up and begin brushing it down creating a loose tease effect.  Once you are done, gather the ends, twist, and secure in place with large french pins.  Mist with your hairspray and you’re done!  A nice big bun that’ll be sure to turn heads.

2 minutes

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