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The Bixie: The Hottest Chop of 2022

It’s the year of the bixie. You’ve heard the name and you’re probably asking yourself, “What is this cut exactly?” In short, the name bixie describes the cross between two popular haircuts—the pixie and the bob. The bixie isn’t short enough to be considered a pixie, but not long enough to be considered a bob, hence the blend. Many might recognize this style as a ’90s revival, which makes sense as the “edgy decade” has been making a comeback all over the fashion and beauty industries.


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History of the Bixie

Recently, this crop has been popping up on celebs such as Florence Pugh, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, and many more. Short haircuts like the bixie have been a popular hair transformation for some time, but its initial popularity was rather controversial. Nineties queens like Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore, Meg Ryan, and Cameron Diaz were met with criticism for “chopping off their long, beautiful locks.” But, as time marches on, society has become more accepting of women opting for “the big chop.”


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Fashion and beauty are cyclical, but why did the bixie fall out of style in the first place? Some would say that the cut became less carefree and more heavily styled, eventually evolving into the “May I Speak to the Manager?” haircut. Others would say that it’s only normal for hair trends to shrink and grow along with fashion. Either way, this haircut callback is very on trend and a must-try for anyone looking to go short.


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Things to Know Before Getting the Bixie Haircut

If you’re considering a bixie for 2022, remember that this cut is a commitment. While the overall style gives off uber-effortless vibes, there will still be a styling routine. Short hair wearers invest more in forming creams, pomades, and pastes. Products like these will help provide that pieced-out texture that looks oh-so-natural.

The best part about this crop? There is no wrong way to wear it. Play with your natural texture, wear it sleek, blow dry it to the sky and have fun! The bixie is a haircut sure to make you feel like “that girl.”

Looking for more bixie inspiration? HERE are sixe celebs that make the bixie look ever so chic!

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