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The 5 Most Truly Bizarre Ingredients in Hair Care Products

It’s all about that buzz, amirite?

Throwing an eyebrow-raising ingredient into a self-care product is sure to create a stir. But unlike harmful ingredients you absolutely need to avoid, there are some that are simply just strange—yet actually beneficial.

Keep reading for five of the most truly bizarre ingredients in hair care.


Perhaps the most mind-boggling ingredient on the list, beer is one of the last things we’d expect to show up in a shampoo bottle. That said, new hair care brand Bröö is setting the record straight, standing by the popular dive bar beverage, thanks to the brewing process—insisting that the ingredient is transformed into something “hopping with B vitamins, proteins and minerals.”


TBH, when we think of anything associated with the ocean, we immediately picture our dry, sand-drenched strands. But a prime ingredient plucked straight from the depths of the sea is none other than seaweed, which is chock-full of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals—ranging from omega 3s and calcium, to zinc, iron and vitamins A, C, B, and E. Anything to get us closer to mermaid status, amirite? Seaweed is great for hair care.


How can a tiny grain we snag from the Whole Foods salad bar benefit your hair, you may ask! Well, we used to wonder the same thing. But after research, we learned that when you color your hair, some of the amino acids (namely, cysteine) become lost or damaged. Quinoa, in fact, contains that important compound, therefore helping you achieve brighter color longer. Quinoa is great for hair care.


We sure love onion in our salads and burgers—our self-care products, however? Hmm… But before we go and give the divisive veggie a hard time, it’s important to point out that onion oil is known to be rich in sulphur, potassium and antioxidants, which reduces hair fall and accelerates hair growth. Save the scent for our salads and we’re down to give the one a whirl!


We’ve heard of women eating their own placenta (we still cringe at the thought) as a means to level off hormones and lower chances of postpartum depression and insomnia. In the case of hair, however, placenta is known to return protein to the hair and repair hair follicles. While the ingredient certainly sounds strange, it feels slightly more appealing to apply it topically than to ingest it.

To learn about additional hair care ingredients, HERE‘s why CBD oil really does benefit your locks.

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