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4 Black-Owned Hair Color Companies You Need to Know About

There’s no shortage of fun perm (and semi perm) hair colors out there on the market from unicorn hues to sleek black, there’s something for just about everyone. Although that may be the case, not all companies keep Black folks (and their varying hair textures) in mind. That’s why it’s a glorious feat to see these Black-owned hair color companies on the rise their color ranges are stunning and cater directly to POC. Scroll through below and peep the four black-owned hair color companies you need to know about below.

1. Mysteek Naturals

Mysteek Naturals founder Electra Harris was one of the first women to create chemical-free hair color products. These vibrant hair hues are easy to use and cream-based, making them a great option for drier hair textures. For anyone who also doesn’t want to use harsh chemicals on their hair due to the damage they may cause (especially to curls), these products may be for you. Although it’s not permanent, it’s a fun way to switch up your look for a few days. 

2. Calore Color

With more than 10 colors in their range and 0 harsh ingredients, Calore Color makes this list because it also happens to be owned by three amazing Black entrepreneurs. Their vegan, semi-permanent products just ooze bad b*tch vibes. Whether you’re wanting one new shade or a whole unicorn mane, they’ve got you covered.

3. Crown Paint Colors

Natasha B (better known by her blogging nickname naturallytash), garnered a following when she began creating insanely gorgeous temporary “hair shadows” on her natural curls. After using everything from colored hair chalk to actual eyeshadow, she decided it was time to take it a step further. She created her own brand of colors that were both exciting and curl-friendly. With shades like Radioactive, UFO, and Oranginal, you’ll truly never be bored with Crown Paint Colors’ range. The best part? These handmade temporary colors contain conditioning ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter. They’re also formulated without waxes or gels. 

4. Gemini Naturals

Another natural hair blogger-founded business, Gemini Naturals focuses on providing vivid color while keeping strands healthy. Founder Lianne Dobson found that way too many coloring products dries out her tight coils. That’s why Gemini’s temporary products are formulated with deeply hydrating ingredients like aloe gel to give curls color and definition. The colors are also transfer free and can be used with heat.

Eager to find more Black-owned hair care brands that know what’s up? Take a peek, HERE.

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