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15 Black-Owned Salons Around the U.S. You Need to Know About

There are plenty of Black-owned salons around the U.S. that deserve your support. Right now is the best time to pay them for their services, given that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on small businesses.

We’re sharing a handful of salons that offer services beyond hair. From nails to lashes, these Black-owned businesses offer it all. Find the one nearest you to book an appointment today.

Just a quick reminder before you scroll through the list, these aren’t the only Black-owned salons in the U.S. There are plenty more out there that deserve your patronage, so you may have to do a little extra research to find one in your area. Happy searching!

Deeply Rooted AZ in Phoenix, Arizona

Found by sisters Lisa and Terri, this Arizona-based salon promises “experience delivered with heart.” With more than two decades of experience, this sister act knows how to give you the hair of your dreams.


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Keystylist Salon in Chicago, Illinois

Celebrity stylist Kesha Levy is the beauty and brains behind this Chicago-based, Black-owned salon. Ahead of its time, Keystylist Salon has a “passion for providing healthy hair care, cutting edge techniques, color, curly cuts, protective styling, quality extensions, flawless skin, and a wide range of other services.” They truly are a cut above the rest.

Snatched Beauty Bar in Grand Prairie, Texas

For hair, lashes, nails, and more, Snatched Beauty Bar in Texas is the place to be. This one-stop shop hopes to “enhance, create, and elevate everyone who walks through [their] doors.”

B. Poise in Savannah, Georgia

B. Poise has been servicing clientele in Savannah since 2017. Their “goal is to ensure that every guest experiences a feeling of grace and elegance and leaves feeling beautiful and self-assured.” How could you say no to a salon whose mission is to encourage and inspire self-love in all its clients?


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The Beauty Cave in New York, New York

The Beauty Cave offers hair services for anything you may need. Whether you’re looking to get hair extensions or a specific style of braid, they’ve got you covered.


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The Glam Beauty Bar in Dunwoody, Georgia

Catering to all hair types and textures, The Glam Beauty Bar offers “exceptional hairstyles, color, and cuts from [their] well-trained and artistic team of colorists and stylists.” Get ready to feel glamorous after your visit!

Lashed by Jazz Beauty Bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Not only can you get your hair done at this Philadelphia-based beauty bar, you can also enjoy a manicure, pedicure, eyelash extensions, a massage, or all of the above. It’s the perfect spot to treat yourself.

Divalicious Salon in Columbia, Maryland

Divalicious Salon is a “natural haircare and protective style salon” that offers “luxurious salon services.” They’ll not only give you the cut and style you’re looking for, but teach you some tips and tricks on how to keep it healthy once you leave the salon.

Naptural Rootz Hair Salon in Westland, Michigan

Offering loc maintenance, natural haircare, and barbering services, it’s a great salon for the whole family. Clients rave these hairdressers really care about the health of your strands, which is always a plus.


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Beautilogic in Antioch, California

The owner of Beautilogic was inspired to open a salon where everyone felt welcomed when walking through the doors. And that’s exactly what they did with this gem. All the stylists that work there are well-versed in the art of haircare, so you’ll feel safe in their hands.


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VIP Lux Salon & Hair Boutique in New Orleans, Louisiana

Prepare to be treated like the VIP you are at this New Orleans-based hair boutique. They’ll give you the top-of-the-line service you desire at a fraction of the price.

Studio44 Hair Salon & Spa in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Forget Studio 54, it’s all about Studio44! This hair salon and spa “provides an unmatched client experience by serving all hair textures and ethnicities.”

Hydra Bar Salon in Coral Springs, Florida

For the ultimate hydration, check out Hydra Bar Salon in Coral Springs, Florida. After all, it is their specialty. Whether curly or straight, your strands will never feel better.


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Nik Sadio the Salon in Brooklyn, New York

This Brooklyn-based salon will give you a cut unlike any other, especially if you’re looking for a pixie style. That is their speciality.


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The Sunflower Beauty Lounge in Westminster, California

On top of being able to get your hair done, The Sunflower Beauty Lounge also offers lash extensions, waxing, and tooth gems. Get any service you like!

Now that you know about these salons, be sure to follow THESE Black hairstylists on Instagram.

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