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Blackish’s Yara Shahidi Dons Natural Curls on the Emmy’s Red Carpet

Yara Shahidi Curly Hair by Noel

Always one to embrace her natural texture, Blackish’s Yara Shahidi slays #manespiration from every angle, and Sunday night’s Emmy’s were no exception. Noël of Noël New York used As I Am products to create Yara’s fun and fresh curly look.

“Yara is such a beautiful young lady and exemplifies class with every word and walk,” she says. “It’s important to keep a youthful look. The dress Yara is wearing is regal with lots of teenager attitude so I wanted to make sure that we landed a style that did not distract, but rather work with her overall look. I was inspired by the movie Belle, very 19th century with an added 21st century glam.”

Yara Shahidi Curly Hair by Noel


  1. Start with the hair completely drenched and immediately apply a generous amount of As I Am Curling Jelly. Take healthy sections and finger comb the product to ensure sections are equally saturated. 
  2. Make a deep side part while the hair is still wet.
  3. For added volume, diffuse hair upside down for a short period of time to freeze the curls, then allow for the hair to dry naturally before styling.
  4. Once 90% dry, begin styling by taking hair from the lesser side of the part and twisting the hair into a roll to the middle of the back of the head.  Secure hair with Bobby pins.  
  5. Take gold twine and secure with a Bobby pin at the beginning of the roll.  Gently pull twine through the roll a few times creating a swirl like appearance. 
  6. Swoop the remaining hair over to the ear while tucking the hair under to create a short bob, again securing with Bobby pins.  
  7. Pull a few pieces of tendrils throughout the hair to give that perfect not so perfect finish.
  8. Seal the look with As I Am Cocoshea Spray.   

2 minutes

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