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MANESPIRATION: Blake Lively Has a ‘Bronde’ New ‘Do

Everyone says blondes have more fun, but if anyone could prove them wrong, we’d bet on Blake Lively. On Monday, our favorite blondie traded in her famous golden locks, documenting the occasion in typical Blake fashion- via Instagram. While never one to shy away from hair color swaps, like her major crimson mane in Hick, or the chocolate brown she rocked when starring alongside hubby Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern, Lively typically manages to find her way back to the sunny blonde shade we all know and love.

blake lively bronde

However, her new color, dubbed bronde, is a blend of blonde and brunette, and is a favorite among street style stars and celebrities alike. With two major movies currently in the works, All I See Is You and an unnamed Woody Allen film, the color could be for one of her upcoming roles, or even a stepping-stone before going full on brunette. Whatever the reason behind the change, Lively’s new look has us speed dialing our stylists to try out this tortoiseshell shade, because only Serena van der Woodsen could make us break all the hair color rules and go dark in the middle of summer.

blake lively bronde

What do you think of Blake’s bronde hair? Sound off in the comments and let us know which of her hair colors you like best!

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