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Blake Lively Dominates Another Red Carpet with her Modern French Twist


Blake Lively is no stranger to the red carpet. Having some of the most glamorous and gorgeous red carpet moments in year’s past, it’s no surprise that she would TURN UP at this year’s Golden Globes. Her long time hairstylist, Rod Ortega, created a glamorous sleek modern french twist that definitely brought back old Hollywood hair goals. Below, he explains exactly how to create the look.



  1. I started by washing hair with L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and Conditioner, then finger dried at the roots with the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i dryer and then used the T3 Anti-Gravity round brush to smooth the whole head. Stylist tip: When drying, lift up from the root to achieve maximum volume!
  2. Once her hair was completely dried, I took 2 inch sections and used the T3 Whirl Convertible to add movement. After wrapping each section around the tapered barrel, I pinned the curls to set – spritzing with L’Oreal Elnett Strong Hold spray, allowing the curls to cool.
  3. Once cool, I unpinned all of the curls and brushed hair with the T3 Paddle Brush.
  4. Next, I pulled hair up into a high pony leaving out the front pieces. Once the pony was secured, I combed back the front pieces and wrapped around the elastic.
  5. Using the T3 Paddle Brush, I backcombed the entire pony to achieve volume and texture, and then spritzed with a little more L’Oreal Elnett Hold Spray.
  6. To create the final look, I twisted the pony and pinned down the sides of the twist as I went. I then tucked the bottom of the pony under the twist and secured with more pins.
  7. To finish, I used my fingers to mold the twist as desired and used L’Oreal Nutri Gloss to achieve a sleek shine.

Comment below if this is something you would rock on a red carpet!



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