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Can You Minimize Bleach Breakage At-Home? We Asked an Expert

Everyone wants an ice-cold blonde. But not everyone can afford a top salon price. So are breakage-free, super-light strands achievable at home?

The short answer is no. Bleaching at home has some serious risks – and breakage is just one of them. Don’t believe us? Take it from Pipsqueek in Saigon owner and platinum hair master Bel Mills. We sat down with the Australian color guru to talk all things bleach and blonde to answer the age old question: can you get white hot hair at home?

Bottom Line: We Don’t Recommend Bleaching At-Home

So the downside is, there’s a lot of downsides to bleaching at home. Breakage is just the beginning. “I would never recommend it” Bel cautions. According to Bel, bleach is one of the harshest chemicals used in the salon. “It’s not a great idea when you’re not a hairdresser and you can’t see what you’re doing properly” Bel says. Between the potential damage and the perils of toning, bleaching at home is just a bad idea.



Best Way to Avoid Breakage: Go to a Salon.

We probably already gave it away, but the solution to bleach breakage is simple and sweet. “Go to a salon” Bel recommends. This is the one time you really shouldn’t try it at home.

A Moisture-Rich Mask Is a Must

If you do bleach at home, you’re definitely going to reckon with breakage. So what should you do? “I’d be getting my hands on some K18,” Bel suggests, “[m]ix it up with using a rich moisture treatment like seven day miracle from O&M.” While prevention is always better than a remedy, bleach-breakage can be mitigated with careful product selection.

Maintenance Is Everything

If you do go the salon-route, maintenance is the key to that bright blonde shade. “Blondes need plenty of protein to help keep the hair’s integrity but also moisture” Bel says. According to this Mane Master, purple shampoos can make hair dull over time. So for heavily blonded, fragile hair, Bel recommends avoiding sleeping with your hair wet. Avoiding heat tools and investing in good quality brushes and combs also help minimize breakage. “I feel most breakage is caused from mechanical damage,” Bel explains, “[b]ad hair ties, brushes and heat tools.”

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