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Georgia May Jagger on Bleach London LA Opening & Their $1000 Color Service

Every time we think we’ve seen it all when it comes to hair in L.A., the bold city outdoes itself. In this particular case, it comes by way of London, thanks to the brainchild of Alex Brownsell. Brownsell just launched her famed Bleach London‘s LA salon, with a little help from co-owner, Georgia May Jagger. Together, the duo is bringing the trendy looks of London locks straight to 3rd Street, not too far from The Grove shopping destination. 

But be warned: Bleach London is not your ordinary salon. From its infamous $1000 color service and extremely out-of-the-box looks, to its sensory salon experience and expected waitlist, don’t expect to casually stroll through this soon-to-be-hotspot on a whim. 

But enough from us. Let’s get to the crux of it from the owners themselves! Keep reading for everything to know about Bleach London’s LA mainstay.

How Bleach London Helps Clients Embrace Discomfort (With Game-Changing Results)

It’s hard to believe there was a time when Jagger held back from making a statement. But as she tells Mane Addicts, Brownsell has a convincing way about herself.

I used to be so scared to even have an inch cut off my hair, and as a teenager I had very long hair and rarely changed it,” she says. “The first time Alex gave me a color and cut was a total transformation. I felt completely different before that. I was always really afraid of change but she helped me embrace it, and that helped me to embrace change as good in other aspects of my life.”

Jagger always trusts her hair in the hands of Brownsell, who she says “has a natural instinct,” and “changed the way I view beauty.”

Jagger explains: “She knows what will suit your features. I always say she’s like an alchemist because she can make any color you desire. She’s really inspired by making people happy with their hair, and truly helping you with it. That’s whether you have a lot of it, you’re losing your hair, or you have a buzz cut. Whatever stage you are at when you’re with her, you know she feels passionate about it and wants to create something new and bespoke just for you. I always call her a hair-apist as well because I feel so comfortable telling her about what’s going on in my life while she’s doing my hair, and by the end, I feel I’ve let go of some things of the past (as well as a couple inches of frizz).” 

For Brownsell’s part, she says, “LA’s one of the most exciting cities in the world right now, as well as the social media capital. Over the past few years I’ve travelled and worked in LA for loads of shoots and campaigns, and some of my higher profile clients are here, too. I think people here are willing to try newer, bolder things and switch up their look more often, so I hope our salon becomes a space that empowers people to experiment even more.”

Why Bleach London in LA Is Expected to Thrive

“There are so many different types of people in Los Angeles,” Jagger says. “It’s similar to London because London is a melting pot. That reflects what the colorists [at Bleach London] do. They can do something crazy like a leopard-print look or a rainbow, but we are also known for doing any shade of blonde. And once you get your color, you can have a relationship with [your colorist]. They can help you learn how to style your hair, and you’ll always get the same person so you feel comfortable asking questions and getting advice on your color and care.

Brownsell goes on to elaborate, “Your color journey doesn’t end when you leave our salon. Part of the Bleach experience is having direct access to your stylist, who will stay in touch with their clients after the appointment. We want to make sure people are confident with their care routine, so they can maintain their look between salon visits and continue to experiment without compromising the health of the hair.”

In addition to the 1:1 ongoing personal care, the salon itself is unlike anything Angelenos have seen in town.

“The entrance of the salon is a totally immersive audio-visual experience,” Brownsell explains. “I love ASMR, and the sensory elements of hair color, so we designed an experience that simulates the feeling of dyeing from the hair’s view. It’s like you’re living through it when you walk in the space. You can hear soft sounds of water running, scissors snipping, brushing, along with soft, fluid forms projected upwards.”

She adds: “We’ve built a completely unique environment, like no other salon in the city. We have a one-way mirror wall that divides the retail and reception space from the salon stations, so your service feels private, but you can still people-watch from the chair. And there are loads of one-of-a-kind design features like our hand-carved black marble basin, to the color-saturated epoxy floor and our reflective product display at the front of the store that looks like a supersized hair foil.”

How to Land a Coveted Appointment

While Bleach London’s LA salon will give you the A-list treatment, you don’t have to be a celebrity or macro-influencer in order to indulge in its services.

“We’ve opened our books leading up to launch so anyone can join the waitlist through our website,” Brownsell says. “Our stylists will be in touch to secure appointments directly with clients. If you prefer to do your own color at home and want to get your hands dirty with our DIY range, you’ll be able to shop the Bleach collection from our store at the front of the salon, too, or online!”

The average wait, she expects is 6-8 weeks, which isn’t at all uncommon in LA when booking an appointment with a colorist or salon in high demand.

Bold Color Trends Expected to Play Out at the Salon Through Summer

Go big or go home is the unofficial motto of Bleach London’s LA salon.

“Blue is really big right now,” Jagger says. “Also coppers and reds are a big thing. My mom even did copper with a bleached streak in the front, and she rarely changes her hair color. I just love seeing people embrace that.” 

Brownsell echoes the copper sentiment, adding, “A lot of people are requesting warm and fiery tones at our salons, from bright red looks using I Saw Red or Tangerine Dream, to softer gingers. We’ve been mixing custom shades and have developed a few of these formulas to create new Super Cool Colors in this palette. They’ll be launching very soon.”

And clearly the tie-dye trend isn’t going anywhere, as it apparently applies to hair as well, with clients loving the look’s “hand-painted” styles.

“Instead of going for one tone all over, our clients love to mix, match and clash a load of different colors,” Brownsell says. “We use a freehand technique to create a multidimensional look, sectioning strands of hair or picking out curls to paint the dye onto.”

The Lowdown on That $1000 Color Service

One-thousand dollars is a pretty penny to spend on a hair service, but Brownsell explains why you’re not just tossing money down the drain.

“We’re bringing the best bleach in the world to LA,” she says. “I’ve handpicked and trained our team of transatlantic stylists, so we’ll be offering an unparalleled and premium color service with everything included. Offering a 1:1 stylist experience at Bleach was really important to me. I didn’t want the ‘client conveyor belt’ feeling, so we created a four-chair intimate space, hidden behind a two way mirror. Our stylists will offer a made-to-measure service, dedicating their time to perfecting one client’s color without juggling multiple appointments at once.”

So, what, exactly does the cost entail?

“The cost is inclusive of the full service, including all in-salon treatments and products prescribed for home use,” Brownsell says. “Our stylists will even mix bespoke colors and toners for clients to use between visits. Our prices start from $500, and there’s no upselling and no hidden add-ons. Just a transparent, collaborative and creative experience from our salon chair to your routine at home.” 

For more on changing up your hair color, HERE‘s what to do if you regret dyeing your hair black!


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