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Why HairTok Is Buzzing About “Bleach Washing”

This has to be one of the wilder tress trends we’ve seen on TikTok. “Bleach washing” is the latest treatment to take over the social media site, with #bleachwash drawing millions of views in a matter of days. The name refers to the somewhat unconventional process of applying bleach to wet hair to lighten the base or color correct. Honestly, when at-home bleach treatments start making the headlines, we just have to investigate. So we did a little digging—here’s everything you need to know about TikTok’s newest color craze, bleach washing.

The Name Says It All: Bleach Washing

Bleach washing refers to the process of applying diluted bleach to wet hair for a short period, then rinsing to reveal a slightly lighter shade. The method is generally faster than traditional highlighting methods. Mixing the bleach with shampoo and/or water also softens the process slightly, so bleach washing can be a bit less harsh on your strands while still achieving that lifted look. While tons of HairTok videos show the washing technique with an all-over application, it can also be used strategically to lighten just the ends of already highlighted hair.

@realericvaughn Have you ever done a bleach wash? #receta #lightsareon #colortheory #haircolor #satisfying #viral ♬ Stay Fly (feat. Young Buck, Eightball & MJG) – Three 6 Mafia

Bleach Washing Is Traditionally a Color Correction Technique

What may be the most surprising thing about this trend is that it’s actually a real thing. Bleach washing has been used by professional stylists for decades. Stylists occasionally employ this all-over bleach technique post wash-out to eliminate unwanted tonal variation. The process is also ideal for removing previous darker dyed hues or lifting the base color on highlighted hair in a less invasive manner. This TikTok trend also happens to be a preferred method for working with damaged or already color-treated tresses because of it’s milder effect on the integrity of your mane.

@abigailbazzoliBLEACH WASH 2-3 levels of lift in 15 minutes! Check my IG for full formula ❤️

♬ The Promise – When In Rome

Best Not To Try This One at Home

As with all at-home bleaching trends we’re going to go ahead and recommend that you do not attempt this at home. While DIY color sounds fun, and bleach washing may seem like a less invasive way to achieve a summer blonde shade, it’s ultimately very difficult to control the outcome of an at-home application. And, this technique can result in uneven color or unwanted warm tones. Let’s just leave this one to the professionals, okay?

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