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Kyrzayda Rodriguez is one hot mama! The 37-year-old full time mom and blogger is killing the game one sizzling selfie at a time. But it’s not just Rodriguez’s sartorial sense that has her 153K taking notice—her fierce mane is quickly becoming the star of the show. And if the thousands of comments on Rodriguez’s Instagram are any indication, the blogger is well on her way to starting a short hair revolution.

Kyrzayda Short Pixie Cut

Rodriguez initially chopped off her long locks after a bad breakup–you know what the say, a girl who cuts her hair is about to change her life—and quickly found a new sense of empowerment. “As a Latina,” she says, “it makes me feel great that I can carry off this look…I’m not afraid to show the world that a Latina can be sexy with short hair.”  

Kyrzayda Short Pixie Cut

But as any girl knows all too well, a drastic change doesn’t always come without some growing pains. We love Rodriguez’s no BS attitude about the challenges that come with short hair. Lucky for us, she’s sharing her go-to styling tips. The blogger trims her hair twice a month and relies heavily on product to create movement.

Kyrzayda Short Pixie Cut

To blow out her hair, she uses a paddle brush on cold air and finishes it off with texturizing paste and a light control mattifying powder.   Rodriguez also leans on her hair stylist for added expertise. Although wary about the benefit of extensions on a shorter style, a few extra on the side helped create some additional volume.   Whether the Latina is rocking a sleek side sweep or “funked” up with major volume, it’s easy to see why Rodriguez is a #manemoment MVP.

Kyrzayda Short Pixie Cut



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