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Less than two years ago this babe based in Rotterdam, Netherlands took to Instagram to post her first hair tutorial, without knowing much about blogging but “decided to give it a shot.” And give it shot she did – now boasting 2.6 million followers, a flourishing beauty and lifestyle blog, and one of the best manes on the internet.

Curly Hair Blogger

With naturally curly tendrils, Sarah’s list of hair tutorials range from curly hair tips to mohawk braids and soft natural waves – making her account the perfect page for mega #manespiration. Her personal favorite style? A signature blowout. With a quick scroll through her Instagram and Pinterest, you can’t help but notice the va-va-volume. “Big hair, don’t care” she says. Um, I think we just became besties.

Braid Tutorial

When asked about her favorite products, Sarah revealed her obsession with hair oils because her hair is naturally dry. Kerastase Elixir Ultime and Argan oil in wet and dry hair are her go-to’s.

Hair Blogger

The beauty has been featured in PopSugar Australia and Cosmopolitan Netherlands but she hasn’t always had the most admirable mane. She recalls the time when she was 9 years old and was forced to rock an at-home haircut that was short, mushroom-shaped, curly and frizzy. Courtesy of her mum. Sure has come a long way.

Curly Hair Tutorial

However, Sarah’s tutorials and perf locks aren’t the only things that attracted all of her followers. Her sweet, humble nature and good vibes are irresistible. “I’m blessed of having so much information about hair and beauty and I want to share this information with all of my followers. Knowledge is a blessing,” she states on her site. We’re smitten.

In need of some inspo? Check out some of Sarah’s vids below.





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