10 Barbie Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

10 Barbie Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

Written by Ashley Mishler

Barbie is an icon. Career woman, fashionista, mom, educator, pop star, chef...there isn’t any look she can’t pull off—and that’s why she is still an enduring source of inspiration. With trends like Barbiecore hair, doll hair, all pink everything, and of course, the upcoming Barbie feature film (which we cannot wait for), there is no better time than to make over your style with these Barbie hairstyles. While your accessories may not be larger than life, you can still channel Barbie’s ultra-femme aesthetic in your everyday life!

Classic Barbie Blonde

If you’re looking to channel your inner Barbie, you can’t go wrong with a classic Barbie blonde hue. The key to keeping this tone Barbie-centric is to keep a little warmth in your locks rather than going too platinum. While platinum Barbie does exist, classic Barbie blonde is soft and flaxen.

Barbie Crimps

Any Barbie doll with crimped hair was always a favorite. '80s Barbie, Superstar Barbie, Beach Barbie…all of them had larger-than-life, zig-zagged manes. If you want to create a softer, more beachy crimp at home, go for the Mane Addicts Triple Ripple Jumbo Waver. If a tighter, more retro crimp is your jam, try using the Chi Vibes Multifunctional Waver.

Barbie Pink Hair

Barbie may be blonde, but Barbie pink is the epicenter of Barbiecore. For those trying the color at home, Arctic Fox’s “Virgin Pink” and Manic Panic’s “Hot Hot Pink” are both great choices for recreating Barbie’s favorite color.

Bubble Braids Barbie

Accessorize your mane Barbie doll style with bubble braids, bubble ponies, and pigtails. Bonus points for adding hot pink, glittery accessories, and color-coordinated elastics.

Barbie Pony

Another classic, instantly recognizable Barbie hairstyle is the high ponytail. Chic, sleek, and perfect, the Barbie pony is a must-try Barbiecore hairstyle.

Glam Barbie Waves

Barbie is often attending a major event, whether she is the star of the show, walking the red carpet, or someone notable's famous date. Be it a formal occasion or even a night out, old Hollywood glam waves are a great choice to give off major Barbie energy.

Original Barbie

The original Barbie doll landed in the late '50s and many of her early incarnations featured wildly popular 1940s and 1950s hairstyles. Even in 2023, there is still something so glamorous about a classic set of victory rolls or an equally sculpted style just like the OG Barbie would wear.

Barbie Bouffant

Barbie loves a bouffant, especially '60s and '70s Barbie. Sky-high volume is easy to recreate in combo with a Barbie ponytail or even a more mod bouffant style.

Barbie Bangs

Barbie bangs are a very specific style of fringe. They must be full, expertly carved, and straight. A slight bevel or curtain is acceptable, but they must always graze the brow bone and frame the eyes.

The Barbie Updo

High society Barbie doesn’t always opt for long, glamorous Hollywood waves. Sometimes an updo is better for the occasion. This starstruck, '60s princess-inspired updo screams Barbie girl with its expertly placed curls and starry accessories.

Every Barbie girl knows that hairspray is a must-have for securing the perfect doll-like hairstyle. HERE are the best drugstore hairsprays to use at home!