These Are the Braids We Can’t Wait to Try This Summer

Written by Juwon Ajayi

Listen. Braids are the GOAT when it comes to summertime hairstyles. If you are looking for a hairdo to take you from the pool to the club to brunch, go with braids. If you want to go about your day cute and unbothered, without having to curl or straighten or retouch your hair, Braids. Are. It. The style is timeless, forever fly, and easily fits into a healthy hair routine if you get the right hairstylist. Here are some of the braided hairstyles we love for summer 2023.

Portrait of Black Female Flicking Hair | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Getty / Mike Harrington)

Knotless Braids With Strands Left Out

Draya Michele looked ready for summer with her braids styled into a high ponytail. We love the trend of leaving strands of hair unbraided and then styling it. It looks relaxed and is a nice change from neat braids and laid edges.

Cornrows With Braided Fingerwaves

Naomi Venerable did something with this style. We love the twist on a 1920s It-girl classic; the style is perfect for a chill day or a night out.

Knotless Box Braids With a Deep Side Part

We love a classic! Antoni Bumba looked chic with her knotless braids styled with a side part (braided by @nayastyles_). Though we’re all for playing around with texture and color, you can’t go wrong with black, long box braids.

Braided Bob

Novena Carmél gives us face, style, and everything else with her braided short bob. Braids are not often styled this way, but they’re actually versatile; when it comes to styling, you can wear them in countless ways, so it’s fun to see them styled like this. It’s also perfect for summer when you don’t want to deal with long hair.

Jeweled Cornrows

We love how Charlotte Mensah styled her client Nicola’s hair for her wedding, accessorizing some cornrows with pearled beads and pins. The finished look is simply stunning and can be reimagined in so many ways for other summer events (we’re thinking rainbow-colored beads and feathers—the possibilities are endless).

Fulani Goddess Braids

Kayla Nicole makes us want to get goddess fulani braids in the same warm brown shade, put on a swimsuit, and get a tan. Consider us influenced. Her hair was braided at the @joliebeautybar_, and we’re obsessed.

Goddess Locs on Natural Hair

Jasmine Jean is rocking her gorgeous microlocs and we’re seeing more people twisting or braiding their natural hair for a temporary loc style. This is great for people who want a protective style but don’t want to use hair extensions. It’s also beautiful.

Half-Up Braids Using Human Hair

Ziweditu Jewel looks stunning with three-month-old braids installed by Wildflowher Locs with human hair used. Braids look nice for a longer period of time, and let’s be honest, the more lived-in they are, the cooler they look (for that, bohemian Zoë Kravitz vibe).

French Curl Crochet Braids

Melisza Mcpherson installed pre-looped and pre-braided French curl braids in three hours, and she looks good. This is the perfect summer hairstyle because you get the look of box braids in half the time. Crochet braids changed the game.

Butt-Length Boho Box Braids

We’re not over all things Boho box braids. They were a thing last summer, and they will be a thing this summer. Jewellianna Palencia looks perfect with her butt-length braids, so this style will probably have us in a chokehold next summer too.

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