15 Buzz Cuts Anyone Can Wear

Written by Ashley Mishler

Believe it or not, buzz cut hairstyles are “buzzing” once again. Often thought of as a hairstyle strictly for men, this trend proves that anyone can rock this super short look regardless of how they identify.

Buzz cut hair is an undeniably eye-catching, chic, and fashionable hairstyle that will put focus on every feature of the face. It makes cheekbones pop, eyes shine, and jawlines stand out with every head turn. Celebs like Doja Cat, Cara Delevigne, Kristen Stewart, and more are showing that this style is key to showing off your edge. If you're interested in going bold and buzzing it down, scroll on for 15 buzz cut hairstyles to use as inspo for your big chop!

Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Classic Buzz

The classic buzz haircut is chic and effortless. Not quite down to the skin but not long enough to worry about day-to-day styling, the classic buzz cut is easy to try if it’s your first time working with clippers.

Dye It

Neons, bright blues, bleach blonde, really any color looks good when paired with buzz cut hair. This is your chance to try wild hues. Because buzzed hair grows out and turns over quickly, you could theoretically change your hair color every few weeks.

Leave a Little On Top

If a full buzz cut hairstyle seems scary, just leave a little on top. Talk to your stylist about your interest in a future buzz cut hairstyle, but would instead try a short pixie haircut first.

To the Skin

Go big or go home, right? So go right to the skin. This take on the buzz cut hair trend is the boldest. If you like this look and want to keep it maintained at home, definitely invest in a good set of clippers with a full range of guards, as well as a razor suitable for your head for minor touch-ups.

There’s a Pattern Here…

Buzz cut hairstyles are an excellent opportunity for playing with patterns and color. No other hairstyle or length allows you to draw, create, and paint scenes all along the back of your head.

Buzz 'n' Bowl

Another great option for those who don’t want a full buzz cut hairstyle is an undercut buzz paired with a fashionable bowl cut or uber-short French bob—effortless and cool. While this look will require a bit more salon maintenance than a straight buzz haircut, the results are worth it.

Hawk It

If you’re ready to try a buzz cut hairstyle, why not go for the mohawk? A mohawk is a great way to incorporate punk and alternative flair into your buzz haircut.

Keep It Dark

You don’t have to go bright with your buzz cut. Dark, natural hues also look phenomenal when paired with a buzz cut hairstyle. Plus, the deeper the hair, the more your makeup choices will stand out.

Focus on the Sides

Mix up your buzzcut and your pixie, and focus on the sides. Keeping the sides buzzed for summer is a great way to beat the heat in warmer seasons while still retaining styleable length on top.

Embrace Growth

If you’ve buzzed your hair before, why not let it grow out a little? This soft, slightly grown-out version of the classic buzz haircut adds a little interest to your overall look and allows you to play with part lines again. Perfect for a change in season and a change in fashion!

Seasonally Appropriate

Speaking of seasons, this floral-dyed buzz haircut is perfect for spring and summer. What better way to be festive than with hair?

Bleach Blonde

The bleach blonde buzz haircut may be our favorite style. There is something so eye-catching and commanding about the brightness contrasted with the uber short length. If your goal is to be as chic as possible, then try bleaching your buzzed hair.

Avant “Guard”

Buzz haircuts are fun…but why not leave a little extra length where you want it? This avant-garde look is clearly utilizing all lengths of guards to create this extreme take on a buzz cut. The combination of designs, hard lines, spikes, bangs, and wild colors make this a hairstyle no one will ever forget. If making an impact is your game, then this one's for you.

Fade It

It’s often thought that buzz cut hair is not for women, but it absolutely is. The same goes with fades. And the reality is that these two trends go together like peas in a pod, so why not combine the two? This soft fade combined with the light blue touches to the top of the head ties this entire style together.

Try It First

If going fully buzzed is not in the cards for you, but want a little taste of that short haircut life, shaving one side of your head is always a great place to start. The side shave allows you to cover your buzzed areas when needed, and you can easily add a design to your new short bits for extra flair.