California Brunette: The Latest And Greatest Brown Hair Color Trend

Written by Ashley Mishler

It’s been all over TikTok, IG, and celebrity heads, this latest color trend is super summery and not blonde. The California brunette hair color trend is paving the way for natural tones to take the reigns once more. In a season when many people tend to go lighter, this warmer, deeper hue is changing the game. Discover the defining elements of the hair color and how to achieve it yourself below!

What Is California Brunette?

California brunette is the art of subtle blonding. Designed to look like you spend your days under the California sun, this warm and subtle hue gives off a super natural vibe, while still making an impact with its expertly balayaged highlights. The key to creating this color is staying close to your natural hue, ideally within three to four shades at its lightest, and one to two shades at its deepest. The goal is sun-kissed, not sun-bleached. With warm and natural tones taking over this summer’s hair trends, California brunette not only makes sense among them but is one of the best hair colors of the summer.

How Do I Ask for It?

You should take this color to the salon for the best results, but if your stylist is unsure what you mean by California brunette, there are two approaches. First, always bring inspiration photos. Having many photo options will help you and the stylist communicate what you like, and don’t like, about the color. Additionally, you can ask for a soft balayage, or free hand highlights as it is sometimes known. You’ll want the stylist to start the lightness further down the hair shaft, but pull some up around the face to create some eye-catching, face-framing bits. Be sure to reiterate that you want the tone to be warm, natural, summery, and sun-kissed.

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