8 Best Claw Clips for Thin or Fine Hair

Written by Ashley Locke

Claw clips have not left their time in the spotlight and we’re here for it. The throwback trend offers plenty of versatility in the styles one can create—though, we understand those with fine or thin tresses may feel otherwise. As with most hair accessories, you have to find one that won’t slip or slide out of your strands the second you fasten it in. We went ahead and did the dirty work for you by rounding up the best claw clips for thin hair that are sure to. stay put. Shop them now below!

1. Kitsch Eco-Friendly Medium Claw Clips: $8

Sometimes you don’t need one large claw clip for your fine hair. What will often work best is a smaller claw clip. We love this set from Kitsch because they perfectly hold our hair, go with every outfit, and are made from biodegradable plant based materials. What more could you want from a hair accessory?

Kitsch Eco-Friendly Medium Claw Clips
(via Ulta)

2. Kitsch Small Claw Clips: $8

Yet another set of small claw clips from Kitsch, these are also created from recycled materials. We love wearing these on nights out and even toss one in our purse for times when we’re ready to keep our hair out of our face.

Kitsch small claw clips
(via Ulta)

3. Willbond No-Slip Metal Claw Clips: $15.49

Those with thin hair swear by this six-pack of no-slip metal claw clips from Willbond. The extra teeth on the clamps will ensure your fine strands stay in place through everything. Whether you’re working from home or out on a hike, no lock of hair will escape from this clip.

Willbond No-Slip Metal Claw Clips
(via Walmart)

4. Free People Fine Hair Claw: $24

Specifically created for those with fine hair, this Free People claw clip will keep it in place. And it comes in an array of gorgeous designs, so you might want to order one in every color.

Free People Fine Hair Claw
(via Free People)

5. Hawee Strong Hold Claw Clips: $14.99

These clips aren’t just stunning to look at, but they also boast a slid-preventing design that will keep even the finest hair in place. You can quote us on that.

Hawee Strong Hold Claw Clips
(via Walmart)

6. Jaw Clips: $9.99

We know these jaw clips don’t look like the typical claw clips you’re used to, but they work especially well for thinner tresses. Their unique no-slip design won’t let a single strand fall out of any hairstyle once they’re placed in your hair.

Jaw clips from Walmart
(via Walmart)

7. Peralng Matte Claw Clips: $14.99

Whenever we need to add a little pop of color to our ensemble, we reach for one of these matte claw clips. Yes, they’re great for thin hair, but we really love how much fun they are to use.

Peralng Matte Claw Clips
(via Walmart)

8. MARA Hair Claw Clip: $8

The clean beauty line MARA also happens to be the brainchild of our Mane Addict’s Editorial Director, Allison McNamara. Although predominantly a skin and wellness line, the sustainably-sourced MARA tortoise shell hair claw has quickly become a favorite of our Editor in Chief, Jen Atkin. Namely because it holds all hair types from thin to thick.

MARA Hair Claw
(via MARA)

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