Cowgirl Copper Is Here to Bring You a Yeehaw Year

Cowgirl Copper Is Here to Bring You a Yeehaw Year

Written by Ashley Locke

Copper hair is everywhere these days with celebrities and influencers alike trying the hue on for size. With its surge in popularity comes different iterations of the color to keep it fresh and playful as the seasons change. The internet (namely TikTok) is ablaze over the latest take on copper: cowgirl (or, cowboy) copper.

Falling a bit more on the brunette side, San Diego-based hairstylist Julia Gaffney describes cowgirl copper as “a balance between the timeless cowgirl leather and the modern-day copper redhead.” She notes that the hue is “not as vibrant as a traditional redhead so it’s a great way to ease into those warm tones without committing to a drastic change. It’s really just enhancing your natural tone by adding the copper to it, rather than totally altering your natural base.”

One of the best parts of cowgirl copper is that it’s a little bit lower maintenance than a more reddish copper. Gaffney notes, “Because there is a brown undertone in the cowgirl copper, it should last longer than the average vibrant copper.” Australia-based hairstylist Sherri Knobel echoes this sentiment, noting “The more worn-in it is, the better it looks.” Knobel mentions that those who want to maintain a hue that is fresh and rich should come in for a gloss every four to six weeks, while those who “don’t mind a little regrowth can stretch their colors out for eight to 10 weeks.”

If you want to give the color a go but are having doubts, Knobel reminds us that “copper is one of the most universal tones.” She mentions that everyone who has sat in her chair to get the cowgirl copper hair color has found a shade that suits them. “It adds so much warmth to the face and for people with a lot of pink in their skin, it counteracts and gives you a golden glow.” Gaffney feels similarly, noting “It’s a universal hit right now and I’m here for it!”

Both stylists suggest that you come armed with a number of reference photos to help discover the best route to take when it comes to coloring your hair. Even bringing a few photos of what you don’t like can help. We took the liberty of rounding up a few cowgirl copper hair colors we’re currently obsessing over that work for every skin tone and hair type.

About the Experts:

Julia Gaffney is a San Diego-based hairstylist who specializes in balayage and extensions.

Sherri Knobel is a hairstylist and founder of Bixie Colour Hair Salon in Australia.

Cowgirl Copper Hair Color Inspo

Lindsay Lohan Vibes

Gaffney created this cowgirl copper shade using a specific Redken combination, which she thankfully shared in the caption. It’s giving major Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap vibes.

Color-Changing Copper

Okay, so this color isn’t actually “color-changing,” but it does look different when in the dark versus the light. Knobel also shared her formula and process for creating this cowgirl copper hair color in the caption.

A Splash of Orange

This cowgirl copper is a bit more orange than some of the other takes on the trend, but it’s still so stunning. If you’re looking for a color that’s a bit brighter and less brunette, consider this one.

In the Dark

A darker iteration of cowgirl copper, this shade feels perfect for those who want a brunette shade with a subtle red tint.

Classic Cowgirl

When we think of a more natural cowgirl copper, this is exactly the hue we imagine. No one would ever be able to tell it isn’t natural with this more lived-in shade.

Silk Press

Take the shade from the range to the rodeo by opting for a silk press to glam it up a bit. The great thing about this color is its versatility.

Rodeo Drive

Give your cowgirl copper hair color the luxe treatment by tossing in money piece highlights to make it feel all the more lavish and expensive.


Knobel is a fan of the more worn-in color and seeing how the color has faded on her client makes us want the color even more.

Now that you’re ready to take the copper plunge, HERE is how to care for copper hair post-dye job!