The Best Tools for Detangling 4C Hair

Written by Juwon Ajayi

Beauty vlogger Jackie Aina said it best when she wrote, “I actively choose to have hair so I may as well enjoy the process of maintaining it.” She’s right, of course. When it comes to learning how to take care of 4C hair, a lot of the work revolves around changing the relationship we have with it. Sometimes it is that deep. And sometimes it’s not; we just want to figure out how to detangle our hair without the process taking hours (because who has time for that)?

When it comes to 4C hair, prep is everything. This means you want to make sure your nails are filed smooth to avoid snags; you want to remove as much shed hair as possible with your fingers; you want to apply a product that will give your hair slip; you definitely want to use the right tool. We’ve compiled a list of brushes and combs that will make detangling 4C hair a breeze. Let’s get into the best detangling brushes for 4C hair below!

Denman D38 Power Paddle

Denman brushes have been popular in the natural hair community for decades. While it’s common practice for some to modify their Denman D3 Original brush by removing every other row of bristles for better detangling, we recommend skipping the DIY project and purchasing the D38 Power Paddle instead. This brush combines the styling pins of the D3 with the cushion of Denman’s wider paddle brush. It makes for an easy and fast detangling session.

Denman D38 Power Paddle | Mane Addicts
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Kazmaleje Kurlsplus Paddle Comb

The Kazmaleje (pronounced “cosmology”) paddle comb is one of the best detangling tools for 4C hair.
Not only does it detangle, it massages the scalp and can be used for styling as well. The unique design features staggered teeth that are seamless and are all one piece so naturals don’t have to worry about it snagging their hair. The handle can also be used to section hair (which we recommend when detangling). You can also feel good about purchasing their tools because the company is certified Plastic Neutral through their partnership with rePurpose Global, an organization that helps local innovators bring ethical waste management services to underserved communities across the globe.

Kazmaleje Kurlsplus Paddle Comb | Mane Addicts
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Tangle Teezer Wide Tooth Comb

When it comes to easy detangling, combs don’t often make the cut. Wide-tooth combs can’t seem to reach knots closer to the roots and fine tooth combs end up ripping through our hair. The Wide Tooth Comb from Tangle Teezer, however, isn’t your ordinary comb. The tool has two sides of teeth: wide and narrow. The wide side has teeth that are sturdy but gentle and are ideal for general detangling (we recommend starting from the bottom and patiently working your way up). The narrow side is two-tiered which is great. The thing that makes it a game-changer is that the teeth are also flexible. You get the precision of a fine tooth comb to work through tougher knots without having to worry about breakage. This comb is pretty and it’s affordable. Go and get one.

Tangle Teezer Wide Tooth Comb | Mane Addicts
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Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush

There was detangling before Felicia Leatherwood’s brush hit the scene and detangling after. The celebrity hairstylist’s innovative brush design features widely-spaced bristles that are flexible and are able to work through tangles and knots without causing breakage. We recommend using the brush vertically first, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Then go back over the section using the brush horizontally. Every natural haired beauty needs this brush because every natural haired beauty deserves to have their wash routine shortened. Reclaim your time with this detangling brush for 4C hair!

Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush | Mane Addicts
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EZ Detangler Brush

While the EZ Detangler is technically a dupe, it not only works just as well as the Felicia Leatherwood brush, but some 4C naturals prefer it. Not only are the bristles spaced out (which makes it easier to work through tangles), the head of the brush is flexible. Pair that with a non-slip handle and you have a detangling brush for 4C hair that takes detangling from easy to effortless.

EZ Detangler Brush | Mane Addicts
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