Does Our Hair Hold Energy? How Our Crown Chakras Affect How We Feel and Our Ability to Achieve Mental Clarity

Written by Olivia Cefalu

You know how a good hair day—a really, genuinely good hair day—can make you feel more alive, more connected to the world, more you? How about that feeling you get walking out of the salon with a clean, massaged scalp and fresh bouncy blowout? It’s possible that feeling has little to do with your appearance, and everything to do with your alignment. And by that we mean: It just might be a manifestation of a clear, balanced crown chakra. Say what?

You’re probably at least a little familiar with the concept of chakras, but to recap, chakra roughly translates to “energy center," “energy field," or “subtle body." Perhaps you’ve even had your chakras read or aligned through the practice of reiki before.

About the Experts:

Andi Scarbrough is a spiritually-minded hairstylist known for her “Crown Chakra Hair Cuts” at CrownWorks Crystal Combs.

Stephanie Padilla is a spiritually-minded hairstylist who charges her La Tierra Sagrada products under the new moon and hosts “hairemonies,” or hair rituals for clients.

There’s a reason why all great break-up scenes in movies or the main character's pivotal moment in finding themselves are associated with a makeover or haircut. Our hair absolutely holds energy. It’s an extension of ourselves and hair is reactive to what we put it through whether it be diet, stress, hormone changes, you name it.

Teachings of the chakras can be traced all the way back to the Vedic texts of ancient India, and there are thought to be seven of them whirring around in the human body, from the root chakra (located around the tailbone) to the crown chakra (at the top of the head). When a chakra is out of balance, it’s said to cause physical or emotional issues related to the area where it resides. A low-energy solar plexus chakra, located in the gut, is associated with both sluggish digestion and low self-worth. On the flip side, a healthy chakra has a positive emotional and physical impact. An abundant sacral chakra, in the lower abdomen, leads to a high sex drive and boosted creativity.

The crown chakra—which governs your connection to a higher power (or your higher self) and is a center for “pure bliss”—is the only one that isn’t explicitly paired up with a corresponding body part. In illustrations, it’s often depicted floating just above the head…you know, where your hair is.

Does hair hold energy | Mane Addicts

Spiritually-minded stylists Andi Scarbrough of CrownWorks and Stephanie Padilla of La Tierra Sagrada are starting to call attention to this connection. And honestly, they make a compelling case.

“The function of the hair is said to act as an energetic antenna between the physical and spiritual world,” Scarbrough tells Mane Addicts. She goes on to describe how traditional Celtic priests would have their hair combed during service in order to maintain a “clear channel to speak to God,” and how long hair has long been a symbol of vitality and longevity in the Far East. “In many cultures, hair is also purposefully cut or not cut to release or retain memories or power, and piled high on the head or worn loose to protect the expansion of the crown chakra,” the stylist says.

Scarbrough and Padilla both aim to educate clients on this energetic aspect of hair care, while also delivering aesthetically-pleasing results, of course. Scarbrough does this through her “Crown Chakra Hair Cuts” at CrownWorks Crystal Combs; Padilla, by charging her La Tierra Sagrada products under the new moon and hosting “hairemonies,” or hair rituals. The lesson? In mindfully tending to your mane, you have the power to bring your crown chakra into balance and strengthen your connection to spirit. “Part of this work is about developing a relationship with your own intuition,” Scarbrough says. “The crown chakra is, after all, our source of divine guidance.”

Taking care of your hair is the simplest way to care for your crown chakra. You don’t always need to see an expert to heal it. Instead, be indulgent with your hair care routine. Take your time combing through your hair, appreciating its strength and beauty, and regularly maintain cuts. If you’re feeling like you need to let go of an emotion or chapter in your life, perhaps your crown chakra is where you can start. In other words, let that sh*t go! And let someone trim your tresses into alignment.