11 Fall Hair Trends to Expect This Year, According to the Experts at Tricoci

Written by Ashley Mishler

The summer heat is still on, but autumn is already sneaking up on us. Pumpkin-scented everything is hitting the shelves, fall flavors are gracing menu boards, and Halloween decor has arrived at nearly every dollar store or craft shop across the country. With fall on the brain, it’s time to start thinking about which hair colors and styles will be trending for fall, and how you should incorporate them into your look. Thankfully, the pros at Tricoci have finally released their fall 2023 trend report just in time for a trip to the salon. Here are the top 11 hair color and hairstyle trends for fall, according to the experts.

About the Experts:

The expert stylists and technicians at the Tricoci Salon & Spa in Chicago, IL have released their fall 2023 trend report.

11 Fall Hair Trends to Look Out For

One of the biggest themes for this fall is the idea of looking undone yet subtly refined. Think “quiet luxury” or an elevated yet softer version of the classics. This effortless aesthetic is even easier to achieve when your hair plays the part alongside your wardrobe.

Fall 2023 Haircut Trends

The Italian Bob

The Italian bob is already a much-loved look across celebrity heads. This take on the classic bob is less defined with very light layering and oftentimes a long curtain fringe. However, this crop is also stunning with a deep side part or dead center.

Undercut Pixie

This fall’s pixie trend sits somewhere between a full shave and a short crop. The key to this version is to undercut the nape of the neck and around the ears while keeping a bit more length up top. This pixie is gorgeous worn straight or with a bit of natural texture near the crown and around the face.

Wolf Cuts

The wolf cut has been having an off-and-on moment for the last two years, but this fall, it’s back on. The biggest difference between the 2023 version versus your 2021 or 2022 take is the decrease in choppiness and the inclusion of a softer finish. Previously, we saw wolf cuts take on a choppier, more ‘80s-inspired finish whereas this year’s is a bit sultrier with a fuller, chunkier fringe.

Fall 2023 Hair Color Trends

Dolce Vita Blonde

It’s fitting that one of the biggest hair color trends for fall works so well with its Italian-inspired cohort, dolce vita blonde. This super sweet hue combines notes of ultra-light buttercream and shadowy walnut for a toasty, latte-esque finish.

Opalescent Platinum Blonde

If you find the Dolce Vita trend to be too warm for your taste, opalescent platinum blondes are also staking their claim. This silvery blonde gives off an enchanting depth despite how light it is. Perhaps it’s the hints of silvery gray or maybe it’s the light you’ll be radiating within, either way, this hue will have you looking in the mirror saying, “Mother of PEARL!”

Espresso and Butterscotch Hues

Coffee and caramel hues are always a big hit for fall. This year, skip the basic bronde and go for a rich, deep espresso-infused brunette with butterscotch baby lights or underlights. This subtle contrast between tones will give your everyday brunette new life for a new season.

Boho Blonde

Boho blonde is that sought-after hair color that you wish you got on vacation this summer (naturally, of course). But those who are wise know to skip the Sun-In and head to the salon for a color this on point. Boho blonde embraces more depth at your roots while keeping things light and bright throughout your mid-lengths and ends. To tie it all together, a bright blonde money piece should frame your face to give off an angelic yet effortless glow and a captivating contrast.

Gray Blending for Men

Somehow in 2023, many men still feel alienated from the world of beauty, especially the world of hair color. In the spirit of the season, embracing the undefined parts of your hair is key, but this can be hard when gray hair gets you down. For those who aren’t ready to embrace their grays completely, ask your stylist to provide a little gray blending action. This can mean a basic toner all over, demi-permanent color, or a unique placement of a few highlights to hide any stark streaks. Gray blending works particularly well on shorter men’s cuts as this method won’t look stark or false on short and tapered chops.

Fall 2023 Styling Trends

Natural Texture

Speaking of embracing the undefined, natural texture is in for fall 2023, no matter what yours is. Undone curls? Let them out! Reach for a diffuser and curl or styling cream to uplift your locks where needed. Super straight strands? Rough them up in the finish! A little tease or backcombing can do a lot to give body to otherwise straight, limp hair. Regardless of your texture, find ways to embrace it this fall.

Slicked-Back Styles

On the flip side, when your mane requires a bit more styling, create something more slicked back. Slicked-back hairstyles look good on nearly any length of hair and add a touch of class and elegance in an instant. When trying this style at home, remember to focus the majority of your “slicking” around the face and ears, avoiding slicking down the crown or back of your head. This way, you still get body and movement in the back while keeping the front in control. This hairstyle would be perfect for the office, a night out, a vacay, or Sunday errands.

Voluminous Blowouts

It’s time to head back to the blow dry bar (or invest in a good blowout brush)! Voluminous blowouts are making waves all over again. The romantic it-girl style was taking TikTok by storm for quite some time but saw a decline over the past six months or so as sleeker styles took over everyone’s FYP. When aiming for a voluminous blowout, be sure to build as much volume as you can at the crown, focus on bounce and body, and flip your layers away from the face but don’t forget to alternate the rest. Also, avoid any hard-hold finish products as the best blowouts always look soft to the touch.

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