Haircuts for Every Stage of the Pixie Cut Grow-Out Process

Written by Mane Addicts

It’s all fun and games until the long hair envy sets in. Super short cuts are bold, brazen, and a big commitment. Once you’ve lost that length it can take months, maybe even years, to get your long locks back intact. And let’s be honest, that grow-out process can be downright awkward. But does it have to be? With just a little bit of planning and an expertly crafted cut, it might be possible to bypass the too-short-but-too-long phase of the pixie grow-out process. We’ve got your guide below with all the best haircuts for when you’re growing out your pixie.

1. The Wispy Bixie

Whether you’re coming in with an inch-long crop or a longer ear-length aesthetic, a shaggy bixie is the ideal cut for the first stage of the grow out process. Smooth layers and soft texture are easy to maintain as you add inches to your tresses.

2. Mod Bixie

This is another excellent option for when you first start growing out your pixie haircut. With tiny bangs and neck-length ends, this retro crop can easily transition from pixie to bob.

3. Total Shag

Here’s something a little bit edgier. An ultra-layered pixie is a retro dream come true. Well defined and layered to perfection, this haircut for growing out your pixie incredible with a little added length.

4. Boy Bob

As your mane gets a little longer, you’ll need to transition to something a little more chin length. A boy bob is just the ticket. Easy to style, this messy short aesthetic is totally adaptable to fringe of all lengths, layers of various definition, and hair of all textures.

5. ‘9os Bob

Wispy bangs, flipped out ends—a ’90s bob is the perfect go-to haircut for when you’re growing out your pixie.

6. Short Mullet

Once your mane has reached shoulder length, you’ll need a shape that’s both purposeful and accommodating to additional inches. A short mullet is truly the move. These face-framing pieces give the appearance of longer locks.

To make the grow-out process even more seamless, it starts by getting the best pixie haircut for your hair type. Find out which style of pixie is best for you HERE!