The 10 Best Barrettes to Use on Thin or Fine Hair

Written by Olivia Cefalu

We’ve always had difficulty with using barrettes on our fine hair. And, so many of our friends have also struggled with getting barrettes to grip to their thin hair too. Taking out your barrette time after time to reposition can get annoying pretty quickly (especially if you tried to secure a complex style), but luckily, there are barrettes out there that are thin and fine hair-approved. You won’t even have to supplement your strands with a texturizing spray. Just clip and go. Read on for the 10 best hair barrettes for thin hair!

Best Hair Barrettes for Thin Hair

1. Kristin Ess Full Circle Clips

If you haven’t tried something from Kristin Ess’s line of hair accessories, you’re seriously missing out. While we’re huge fans of her claw clips and scrunchies, these circle clips have quickly become a staple hair clip. We always carry them with us if I need to pin back our bangs or want to add a little flare to a top knot. They hold incredibly well and the shape is cute and classic.

Kristin Ess Full Circle Clips | Mane Addicts
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2. Chunks Allie Clip Pack in Lilac Punch

Chunks is no doubt amazing, and their fun-colored clips can be seen just about everywhere if you look hard enough. But, they’re not just cute—these clips have some serious grip. Pick up this clip pack or search through their other patterns for single clips. Feel free to mix and match for a trendy look. Head to their Instagram for plenty of style inspiration!

Chunks Allie Clip Pack in Lilac Punch | Mane Addicts
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3. Kitsch Satin Wrapped Snap Clip

You might be thinking, how can satin hold a grip on thin hair? We had our doubts too but these clips have some serious hold. It’s really just the top part that’s wrapped and the metal clip is exposed to grip your silky strands. They come in a five-pack and look adorable when they’re doubled together.

Kitsch Satin Wrapped Snap Clip | Mane Addicts
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4. Kitsch Enamel Snap Clips

These are bigger than you think! And they can hold so much hair. This spin on a classic barrette shape by amping up the size and using matte enamel looks super chic and matches with just about everything.

Kitsch Enamel Snap Clips | Mane Addicts
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5. B.PHNE Hair Clips

Amazon has everything but have you ever shopped around for hair accessories there? Be careful, you’ll end up with a full cart just like us. We’ve snooped around Amazon for the latest and greatest clips ever since these claw clips went viral on TikTok. You get 20 barrettes in this pack, a total seal for $7!

B.PHNE Hair Clips | Mane Addicts
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6. Scünci No Slip Grip Open Center Stay Tight Barrettes

If you’re a child of the ’90s (or just love spending time walking the aisles of drugstore hair accessories) you know how classic Scünci is as a brand. It’s only fitting this popular hair accessory brand has the perfect barrettes for thin hair. It’s all in the name, these barrettes really do stay tight. And it doesn’t hurt to have a few simple and neutral clips in your collection—you’ll use them more than you think you will.

Scünci No Slip Grip Open Center Stay Tight Barrettes | Mane Addicts
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7. Free People Heavy Metal Clips

We’ve had to pass up chunky, trendy clips similar to these before because they just didn’t hold. But, we took a chance on these ones and they really impressed us. Not only does the actual clip have a great grip on hair, but the texture of the design also helps as well. These look so effortlessly chic and you can finally have a trendy statement barrette that works.

Free People Heavy Metal Clips | Mane Addicts
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8. Asos Crystal Hair Clips

These are thick, well-constructed bobby pins. Honestly, they’re a little tough to slide onto hair sometimes because of how tight they stay in. It takes some practice but you’ll get the hang of it. Plus, everyone needs gold rhinestone hair pins for a special occasion (or just another day in the office). They’re basically jewelry for your hair.

Asos Crystal Hair Clips | Mane Addicts
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9. DesignB London Pastel Snap Clips

We love how 2000s these hair barrettes for thin hair feel. They also are a bit raised and will hold a lot of hair as a result. The clasp won’t snag on your hair and you can double (or triple) them up for a cute look. We like to use them to hold back wispy front pieces. Score two packs so you can have two of each color to match.

DesignB London Pastel Snap Clips | Mane Addicts
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10. Asos Pieces Hair Slides

These are a bit more pricey but the pack does come with seven quality clips. Each is a different acrylic color—we love the pearlescent finish on these and how you can mix and match them for a fun multi-clip look. You can add these to just about any hairstyle, too.

Asos Pieces Hair Slides | Mane Addicts
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