The Best Hair Color for You, According to Your Eye Color

Written by Ashley Locke

Your eye color can reveal a ton about you, including the best hair color for you. They aren’t just the windows to your soul, but also a crystal ball into your hair hue future. Green, blue, or even gray eyes, we know the perfect hair color for you, according to your eye color. Scroll below to find out what it is!

Blue Eyes: Champagne Blonde

Blue eyes are incredibly appealing. Just about everyone wishes they had baby blue eyes. So to make them really pop, champagne blonde is the hue for you. Yes, that pun was intentional.

Blonde hair and blue eyes is a classic combo, though a cooler blonde like champagne will really give your eyes that extra bit of sparkle no other shade will. Get ready for even more attention!

Green Eyes: Chocolate Brown

With green being such a rare eye color, it’s important to make sure you do your peepers justice. That’s why a chocolate brown color will help make your eyes look even more magical, if you can believe it.

This more natural color will draw out the warm undertones better than any other, allowing those with green eyes to appear even more mysterious and alluring.

Dark Brown Eyes: Golden Brown

Because there are many shades of brown eyes, we separated them into light and dark. For dark brown eyes, a classic golden brown will give your peepers a little extra glimmer in the sunlight.

Rather than opting for a dark brown, this golden hue will make sure your eyes are softer and more pronounced.

Light Brown Eyes: Honey Blonde

For those with light brown eyes, a honey blonde will suit your perfectly. It plays up the warmer tone in your eyes, giving them the attention they deserve.

People like to complain that brown eyes are boring, but they won’t when you pair them with this striking hair hue.

Hazel Eyes: Copper

Those with hazel eyes are pretty lucky, as they can essentially pull off any color a hairstylist can think of. Whether it’s brunette or blonde, hazel eyes will look stunning with a number of hues.

Still, a rich copper color can really pull out the green and blue flecks hidden in your iris. And who wouldn’t want that?

Gray Eyes: Jet Black

Gray eyes are a chilling color that deserves more attention. And the way to get that is by pairing them with some jet black hair. The stark contrast will really make your eyes wow the masses.

When in doubt, you always want to opt for a darker hue when you have gray eyes. They’ll always appear even more beautiful when you do so.

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