Short Hair 101: How to Correctly Style It

Written by Ashley Locke

Whether you want to try a bob hairstyle or are ready for a pixie cut, short haircuts are ever-so-enticing. But once you make the chop, you’ll need to know how to style short hair so you can maintain your short ‘do and love it for months to come. Below, we rounded up a few styling tips to help you make the most of your cut. Scroll for more!

How to style short hair | Mane Addicts
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Discover Your Face Shape

Have you not cut your hair short yet? That means you still have some time to determine the right short haircut for your face shape. If you’ve already made the chop, not to worry. Use your face shape to dictate the short hairstyles that work best for you. While we can recommend certain styles to try, it’s up to you to recreate them to best flatter your face shape. This way you avoid hating every hairstyle you try when styling your short strands.

Know Your Hair Type

Similar to the above styling tip, knowing your hair type will help you uncover which short haircuts will work best for you. What looks full on curly hair may look flat on straight hair. Thick hair may need a little more thinning and thin hair may need some more layers. Ultimately, your hairstylist should be able to help you determine the most suitable cut for your tresses.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

Short haircuts emphasize your natural hair texture more than long or medium-length hairstyles. Use your shorter hair as a way to reconnect with your natural texture, if you aren’t as familiar with it.

Leave a Little Length

This is a tip for those who haven’t cut their hair yet, but if you’re a little iffy about it, leave some length. Opt for a lob haircut so that your hair is still short but nowhere near as short as a pixie or buzz cut.

Update Your Styling Products

There is a good chance you’ll need some new styling products to help you style your short hair. You won’t necessarily need a new shampoo or conditioner, but you will need products like mousse, pomade, texturizing spray, round brushes, and bobby pins galore. If you have all these products, great. If not, time for a trip to the drugstore, Sephora, or Ulta.

Get Reacquainted With Your Hot Tools

Using a curling iron, flat iron, and even a blow dryer on short hair is drastically different than using it on long hair. Spend a little time using these hot tools on your new short haircut to see how your styling techniques will need to be updated accordingly. Just don’t forget the heat protectant.

Stock Up on Hair Accessories

For long hair, you can basically get away with having a claw clip and a scrunchie—you don’t really need much else. Short hair, on the other hand, is a bit different. You may need more accessories than you ever thought you would to style them in updos, half-up half-down styles, and the like.

Stick With What You Know

Yes, it will be a huge change styling your hair, especially depending on how short you go, but you can always stick to classic styles like braids, claw clip updos, and your other go-to hairstyles. They may require a bit more styling and product than you’re used to, but the same styles you love are still possible on short hair.

Dare to Experiment

Whether it’s with trying a fun trendy hair color or testing out new short hairstyles, don’t be afraid to have some fun. While short hair can be low-maintenance, it also offers plenty of versatility. Try things you never thought you would so you don’t get caught in the trap of always keeping your hair up.

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