Everything You Need to Know About Jennifer Aniston's Haircare Line, LolaVie

Written by Emilie Branch

If you have any connection to the ’90s, you remember Jennifer Aniston’s hair was so popular that she had a haircut named after her. And it was a haircut that everyone had. I think my hairdresser gave it to me once without asking, it was that popular. Yes, Jen has gone on to be a skincare queen, an A-list lady who also sells collagen. But back in the days when she was more famous than Brad, she was known for her mane. I’m obsessed with the fact that more than 20 years later she’s launching a haircare line, which is fitting because it seems like she hasn’t had a bad hair day over the last three decades.

The Inception of LolaVie

We connected with the LolaVie team to find out all about the launch. “Jennifer Aniston and the team have been discussing the brand for years. Needless to say, Jen has been known for her iconic hair throughout the years, but more than that, she is extremely engaged and passionate about the space. During the development process, we realized there’s a white space in the haircare market for products that solve real needs without the fluff and are also formulated with naturally-derived ingredients. All of our products are designed to multitask in a way that both delivers exceptional performance and simplifies a consumer’s routine while promoting healthier hair,” notes the brand team.

It took years to develop the products. “For example, the Glossing Detangler and Perfecting Leave-In went through many iterations to ensure the formulas were up to our standards. We were thoughtful and methodical in the development process and continue to be so for future products. We have a number of products in the pipeline now and cannot wait for them to launch later this year,” they continue.

According to the team, the products are suitable for all hair types and textures, but it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone has the same haircare routine. If someone is looking for something that detangles, protects against damage, or adds shine to the hair, the Glossing Detangler checks all those boxes. If the focus is on hydration, fighting frizz, extending style, and protecting against damage, turn to the Perfecting Leave-In.

Why Now?

Above all, we wanted to know why is Jen expanding into haircare now? “Jen has always been known for her amazing hair but she is also a true advocate for natural, clean beauty. Over the years of trying to style her own hair, she was always trying different leave-ins, sprays, serums, you name it,” the team explains. “She got the bug to create and found her own brand from collaborating with other beauty brands. She really wanted to get behind the scenes of product development in a meaningful way—to be a part of the creation of something, to understand the science behind it, and to have a voice. With her deep-rooted connection to the category, it was only fitting for her to go into this space.”

My LolaVie Review

I agree that there is a tremendous need for clean haircare. It’s almost a guarantee that the back of every bottle of your fave products contains who knows what. It’s an endless litany of unpronounceable ingredients, often despite claims that sulfates/parabens/whatever are missing. LolaVie is really clean. My standards are 10/10 when it comes to this ish.

Both products have a fresh, citrusy scent that isn’t too much. It smells clean (double whammy on the clean front) and is easy to apply. My significant other didn’t hassle me on the fragrance, which is a big win.

Simply spray generously after the shower or on damp strands and let LolaVie do its thing. To my surprise, my waves were slightly more defined when my hair dried. The detangler and leave-in conditioner were the only products I used but they did the trick.

Overall, I was happily surprised. I actually like this celebrity hair line. I really didn’t think I would be into it, but Jen has earned herself a place in my bathroom. And for a beauty editor who is on a first-name basis with the UPS man, that is very exclusive real estate.

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