20 Mom Haircuts That Will Convince You to Make the Chop

Written by Emilie Branch

Let the record state that I’ve avoided the mom haircut for two years—but I have reached my breaking point. If you’re wondering, moms look for ease, practicality, and most importantly, fewer hair-pulling incidents in a haircut. At this point, my hair is so long that my kid is used to getting tangled in it—whatever the opposite of the mom cut is, I have it. My reason for avoiding the mom haircut? Vanity and some Karen-mom haircut crossover stereotypes; I would like to stay very far outside of that Venn Diagram. To make my life and hair less wild, I reached out to my personal stylist, Ramòn Garcia, creator of the Ghostlayer technique and LA-based celebrity stylist for his take on the mom cut and all the inspo I need to finally chop it off.

About the Expert:

Ramòn Garcia is a celebrity stylist, the creator of Ghostlayers, and a bi-coastal hairdresser and content creator at the world-famous Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, CA.

Cute Mom Cuts

Shoulder Length

You can’t go wrong with this universally flattering length and style.

Chin Length

“Most mothers in my life juggle it all and are superheroes in their own right: work, family, self-care, etc. My priority is to make their hair the last thing they ever have to worry about—effortlessly transitional and low-maintenance,” says Garcia. This is why chin-length cuts are always a great style.

Up or Down

“Whether you’re working full-time and racing to get to an after-school recital or stay at home raising your kids, the best haircuts can easily be taken up and down,” he continues. As I spend most of the day in a bun, this strikes a particular chord.

Pop of Color

A mom cut can be bold—think strategic color placement and bright highlights.

Add Bangs

“Bangs are a great way to look stylish with minimal effort. I personally love the collarbone length. Any texture will do,” shares Garcia.

Be Blunt

Angle your length to create volume and movement in an easy way.

Maximize Length

Postpartum hair loss usually starts after three to four months, when you think you’re in the clear. To treat it, take a vitamin and prioritize your hair self-care. “At the most fundamental level, the most important element for any mother is the health of hair,” explains Garcia. “The stress of any major change and consistent balancing act can take its toll and many mothers may experience significant hair loss. I like to recommend Nutrafol Women’s Formula to ensure all mothers are getting the nourishment their hair needs daily that doesn’t interfere with their already packed schedule.”

Low-Maintenance Style

As a mom, time is of the essence. “For added shine and luster if hair appointments are difficult to get to, Milbon offers a somewhat practical substitute with their range of luxurious shampoos and conditioners that are sure to add vitality to your locks,” says Garcia. “My personal favorites are their Volume, Moisture, and Gold Line Glow products.”

On the Go

“For quick styling, I recommend Oribe Supershine Cream and Iles #3 Serum for the ends to add softness. The smells are an added bonus,” notes Garcia.

Transformative Chop

Moms who have undergone the chop rave about it, noting it makes them feel fresh and like they’ve let go of unnecessary weight. So if you’re considering cutting it all off, this is your sign.

Braids Meet the Mom Cut

Bravolebrity Scheana Shay proves that a mom haircut can still be easily styled with her double French braids.

Soft Blunt Bob

A no-fuss bob is always beautiful and adds volume.

Curls, Curls, Curls

Yes, you can go short, even with curls. In fact, a shorter cut will bring them out so you can spend less time styling and more time with your little one.

Embrace Texture

Embrace your beautiful natural curls. I love Sky Organics Curl Cream to keep frizz at bay.


Sometimes all you need to feel like yourself again is a mom haircut, balayage, and a gloss treatment.

Face-Framing Waves

Soft waves parted to the side offer a fresh take on a cute mom cut.

Rich Tones

Darken your brunette to bring out your best hair and add oil every day to boost your glow.

Bun in the Oven

Disclaimer: All mom cuts need to be pulled back—flexibility is key, especially when dealing with big messes and inquisitive hands.

Signature Headband

One of my favorite momfluencers keeps her hair pushed back with a signature headband, keeping her mom style flawless all day.

Lean Into Layers

A mom haircut in motion—piecey layers at the collarbone are peak chic.

Struggling with postpartum hair loss? We’re here to help—discover all the answers to your most pressing questions HERE!