Thinking of Getting Peekaboo Braids? Here are 20 Styles to Try

Written by Juwon Ajayi

Peekaboo braids are having a moment on social media. While the style has always been a thing it feels like it has never been as popular as it is right now. So what are peekaboo braids exactly? Peekaboo braids are typically box braids (knotless or traditional) where the majority of the rows are braided with hair in a dark brown/black color. The last row or two are braided with hair in bold colors (think pink, green, purple).

At first glance, people may not notice the color beneath the majority of the braids. But with a slight hair flip, the color “peeks” through which is what makes it such a fun style.

"Peekaboo braids are regular braids; the process of installing them is the same," says Shakhari Artis, a braider based at the Lumi Salon. The only thing that differs is the color of the hair used and the placement of those colored braids (while the style traditionally has the colored braids on the bottom rows, some people place them on other areas of the head).

Are you thinking of getting peekaboo braids done? Here are some styles we think you’ll love.

About the Expert:

Shakhari Artis is a Connecticut-based hairstylist specializing in knotless braids. She works at the Lumi Salon in Manchester.

A Shock of Pink

These traditional box braids were given an extra oomph with the hot pink peekaboo braids underneath. We love how some color takes something old and gives it some fresh life.

A Little Blonde

This is another great example of traditional peekaboo braids. The blonde braids come through against the black in such an unexpected way.

Peekaboo Copper

How gorgeous is this look? These medium, butt-length knotless braids are sleek. We love the copper coming through, too.

Seeing Red

These middle-part, waist-length, knotless braids with the red peekaboo are giving rockstar energy and we love it.

A Squeeze of Lime

We love the little peekaboo action going on with these braids. The pops of green are eye-catching without overwhelming the gorgeous style.

Black and Gold

We love the combo of black knotless braids with gold peekaboo braids underneath.

Copper and Pink Duo

Get into these copper braids with a pink peekaboo—we're obsessed. We love the departure from the more common black/dark brown braids. It’s a fun way to switch up the style.

Goddess Peekaboo Braids

Ugh, we can’t get over these goddess braids. Everything about this style is just so good, including the electric blue peekaboo braids that really stay hidden beneath the rest of the braids.

Pink Peekaboo Goddess

These butt-length goddess braids with pink peekaboo braids have a lot going on in the best way.

Lavender Peekaboo

The color of these peekaboo braids on knotless goddess braids looks so ethereal and fairy-like.

Rainbow Brite

These braids are a great example of how the style can be reimagined in different ways. We love how the placement of the colored hair is not uniform. It gives a new meaning to “peekaboo” when it comes to braids.

Peekaboo Updo

The green and pink pop up in the front and the back instead of being saturated in one area.

Burgundy Peekaboo

We always love a striking burgundy hue. And who would've guessed the color looks ever-so-striking in peekaboo braid form?

Blonde and Pink

Blonde and pink together just makes sense. The color of these blonde knee-length knotless braids really makes the hot pink peekaboo braids pop.

Platinum Peekaboo

We love the contrast between the blonde peekaboo braids and the black braids. We also love the clear beads she accessorized with.

Aquamarine Peekaboo

How cute are these shoulder-length peekaboo braids with beads? We love how they were styled half-up half-down so the aqua-colored braids are on full display.

Ombré Peekaboo

We’re huge fans of this take on the peekaboo braid trend. The braids installed have the color installed in an ombré effect in some places and in the bottom rows in other places to create a fun contrast.

Orange Peekaboo

This braider gave their client gorgeous thigh-length braids with a couple of orange braids popped in. The look, while not traditional peekaboo, still very much aligns with the trend because the braids are easily hidden by the rest of the braids.

Pink Half-Up Half-Down Peekaboo

We love this half-up half-down style. The cute look with the pink peekaboo braids visible is fun.

Jumbo Peekaboo Twists

The stylist created these insanely beautiful sleek jumbo twists for their client, using burgundy hair for a peekaboo moment at the bottom.

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