Let the Sunshine in With the Scandi Hairline Color Trend

Written by Ashley Mishler

While candlelit browns and burnt coppers are the leading hair colors for 2023, a new, lighter, and brighter trend is taking hold. Scandi hairline color has been blowing up all over TikTok, and for good reason. This soft lightening technique requires little maintenance while still making a huge impact.

The Scandi hairline technique focuses on lightening the hair around your face, including baby hairs, by using a combination of face-framing highlights and freehand painting. This effect creates a color that mimics the sun-kissed glow of a long, relaxing vacation. This technique softens the edges of your hairline for a brighter look overall. The best part? Maintenance is easy and works with almost any hair color. As long as your stylist sticks within a shade or two from your natural hue, grow out will be a sunny, summer breeze.

Ways to Wear the Scandi Hairline Color Trend

Scandi in Action

A peek behind the technique, the Scandi hairline trend is typically created by applying a lightener along the hairline, then pulling through via hand painting or face-framing highlights.

Your Own Personal Halo

The result? Just look at that glow! The Scandi effect gives off majorly angelic vibes when paired with a big, bouncy blowout and flaxen blonde.

Two Trends in One

The Scandi hairline also looks incredible with a sharp bob. Pair your new hairline color with a box bob, an A-line bob, or a tousled lob, and take on two trends at once.

Soft Pink, Please

The best part about the Scandi hairline is that it also looks fantastic with other colors—take this soft, petal pink for example. It’s like a money piece, but brighter and better.

Boost Your Balayage

Soft highlights, balayage, and hand painting are all a great match for the Scandi hairline. These techniques are all softer in nature, like the Scandi trend, and take your everyday balayage to the next level.

Scandi Shift

Scandi doesn’t automatically mean blonde. The idea is to slightly shift your hairline’s hue toward a more sun-kissed glow. This bronde balayage looks great with the addition of a Scandi shift.

The Perfect Accent

A Scandi hairline can make any haircut or color pop. This take on the trend makes softly-painted highlights pop while the tousled bob cut looks extra sharp.

Scandi Subtlety

A Scandi hairline on an already bright, flaxen blonde will make your hue look that much more natural. For unnatural blondes, the biggest giveaway is the hair around the face. By adding the Scandi hairline into your color routine, you can avoid unwanted darker baby hairs and rooting around your hairline.

Silver Scandi

Not all Scandi blondes are warm and flaxen. This icy take proves that. No matter your hue or tone, a Scandi hairline can be tailored to you.

Go Bold

If you prefer a bolder blonde around the face, go for gold. This thicker, brighter Scandi hairline stands out while still blending seamlessly with the rest of the hair.

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