Heat-Friendly Bang Styles to Get You Through the Hottest Months

Written by Ashley Mishler

Typically, bangs and summer heat do not mix. A full fringe across your forehead in mid-July can be a recipe for a sweaty, frizzy mess plastered to your face, and oilier skin, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. This isn’t to say that bangs can’t be done in the summer! Here are the top five bang styles to help you beat the heat.

1. Piecey Bangs

Piecey bangs are the summer-friendly version of a full fringe. While this set may cascade across your forehead, the texturizing used here makes these bangs much breezier. A typical full fringe will include much more hair to be cut, whereas a piecey bang uses far less, keeping things light and airy.

2. Micro Bangs

These bangs aren’t for everyone, but when they are, they are stunning. Micro bangs, sometimes called baby bangs, are perfect for summer as they are cut short enough that the majority of your forehead stays exposed. Mini fringes do require more frequent trims, but the maintenance is worth keeping cool in the summer.

3. Curtain Bangs

Classic curtain bangs are not only universally flattering, they’re very summer-friendly. Pair this fringe with a center part for minimal hair on the face, and you’ll be feeling the breeze all day long.

4. Bottleneck Bangs

If you like the idea of curtain bangs, but want something a bit fuller, then bottleneck bangs are for you. A cross between curtain bangs and a wispy fringe, bottleneck bangs are shortest in the center and softly taper out. This means that you can have your cake and eat it too- a slightly fuller fringe with enough “cool factor” for summer.

5. Side Bangs

Some say side bangs are “out,” but the truth is, they are one of the best bang styles for summer. Not only are side bangs easy to style, but they’re also even easier to sweep off your face on the hottest of days. Most side bangs are long enough that they can be pinned to the side or pulled back when you don’t feel like dealing.

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